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For construction sites that require quick and economic housing and office solution like roads, airports, subways, fast trains construction sites, prefabricated construction site buildingsrepresent the most important and practical solution.Prefabricated construction site structuresoffer you the ideal, practical and useful housing solutions for your site workers, your technical teams and personnel. One of the best advantages of these prefabricated construction site structures is fast production. In large projects, even very short periods of time can be critical, therefore the rapid production, delivery and installation of the structures to be used in the projects will contribute a lot to the project. Karmod prefabricated construction systems products, which have taken part in important projects around the world, were preferred in dozens of different countries such as Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Sudan, Congo, Madagascar, Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. with the advantages of fast production, transportation in international standards and delivery in a very short time.

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For example, we have completed the production and shipment of the 500-person worker camp campus, which will be used by those working in the mine in Tureyf city, located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. The prefabricated construction structures, which were pre-assembled in Karmod’s modern facilities in a short period of 1 month and consisted of 11 different structures, were started to be installed by our expert teams as soon as they reached the camping area in Tureyf city and were completed in a short period of 1 month.

One of the most preferred reasons for modular buildings and Prefabricated construction products, which are used in many sectors around the world, is that they are economic structures. Accommodation camps, which can accommodate thousands of people, can be built with prefabricated construction techniques for much more economical prices than normal buildings.

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Another important advantage of Prefabricated construction mobilization is that they are produced with the perfect seamless bolt system that allows the buildings to be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere easily and quickly after the project is completed.

Prefabricated construction systems are the most suitable solution in terms of installation, cost, time and performance. They can be produced as monoblock, disassembled and combined. With its after-sales support team, Karmod teams are always with you. Galvanized steel that does not rot is used in the buildings. They can be used safely for 1st degree earthquake zones and they are designed and produced in accordance with the climatic conditions of the desired region, providing safe use in all seasons. In the walls and roofs of in prefabricated construction systems, specially shaped EPS filled sandwich panels are used. Thanks to the EPS filled sandwich panel used on the roof, rainwater is easily and safely evacuated with a special clamping system. Modular construction camp structures where the needs of everyone from technical personnel to workers in the project can be met in the most appropriate and practical way may include:

  • lounges areas and kitchens
  • dining halls
  • dormitories
  • wc / shower units
  • executive rooms
  • technical personnel rooms
  • study rooms
  • management offices
  • security cabins

Prefabricated construction site buildings

Designed with over 35 years of experience and team of experts in the field and produced, Karmod prefabricated construction systems, is the choice of the leading companies of turkey and the world with with its dozens of advantages and the superior quality it offers.

Choose Karmod for prefabricated construction site buildings that have all areas that may be needed for your worker camps and staff accommodation structures, from wc to dormitory, from dining hall to executive offices. Have the most useful, fast production and installation, economical structures for you and your teams. You can visit our website for detailed information and look at our products, you can reach us from all over the world from our phone numbers, social media accounts and e-mail address.

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