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High Quality Prefabricated guard booth with Competitive Price, Long-lasting Guard Booth – Karmod prefab guard booth and guard shack products protect employees from the elements on parking lots or any other area. Quality modular guardhouse buildings shipped to you at affordable prices! Our portable prefab guard shacks really fulfill a need for security personnel. Karmod, which has been working in the field of prefabricated technologies since 1986, has a wide range of products from mobile kiosks to portable booths, container houses to shelters and various cabin products. Karmod Prefabricated Guard Booths is a portable building structure that can be used for various applications. Karmod polyester cabins are suitable structures for information booths, ticket booths and tourist kiosks.

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Polyester cabin is a modular cabin type produced from the latest technology glass fiber reinforced fiberglass polyester material (GRP). Its usage area is wide enough to be used in dozens of areas such as prefabricated cabin, security cabin, earthquake cabin, coffee kiosks and food kiosks, especially in areas such as watch box, mobile toilet. It can produce a wide range of standard cabinets in different sizes from 150×150 cm to 270×750 cm. GRP cabins, together with their aesthetic appearance, also beautify their location aesthetically and can be easily used in modern areas. A special painting system is used in Karmod cabins and with this system, our Prefabricated Guard Booths do not smell.

The glasses used in the production of the prefabricated guard booths can be offered in different types according to the demands of the customers. The opening directions of the glasses can be up and down, left and right, or they can be produced as fixed according to customer demand. The booth outer panel is produced by pressing in specially shaped metal steel construction and polyester molds and with the only automation technology in the world, with a firing system at 50 degrees.

Karmod prefabricated Guard Booths Are Unique with Their Quality

Prefabricated Guard Booths

The polyurethane that forms the cabin panel is reinforced with a foam polyester layer. Finally, it is further strengthened with gelcoat coating reinforcement. The outer and inner surface coatings are resistant to the outer atmosphere, to ultraviolet rays of the sun at +60 degrees and cold to -50 degrees. Exterior and interior panels are washable, rustproof, rotproof and easy to clean.

All equipment used in the production of Karmod mobile Guard booths, from electrical and sanitary installations to doors and windows, are TSE certified. Portable Guard booths shipments are also very easy. Since Karmod prefab guard booths are produced with mass production and stocked in a short time, they are shipped ready to use immediately. They can be easily transported to the desired location in a very short time by means of a crane. In conditions where loading with a crane is not possible, there are legs that allow it to be transported by forklift or pallet truck. They can be produced in many different sizes according to the needs. They can have heat and sound insulation. Karmod mobile securtiy Booths are insulated in the best way and have a much superior production quality compared to ordinary cabins.

Prefab Guard Security Booths for Sale

Prefab security guard booths are used in many areas due to their advantages. They fit easily in any space. For example, the watch box is one of them. Polyester cabin is a very good choice for the watch box used in construction projects during the construction period. It is very useful because it is resistant to hot and cold, can have sound insulation, does not rot, rust and washable. However, it can be easily moved to another desired location at the end of the project. As Karmod, we have deliveries all over the world. We have established office camp cabins for the use of officers with rutted in Borno State, located in the northeast of Nigeria, one of the African countries. 2 officers will be accommodated in each of the heart structures, which are 21 square meters in size and include two rooms and a WC and shower unit.

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