Prefabricated Steel Houses Africa – Family Modular Homes for Africa

Prefabricated Houses Africa

Our factory manufactures modular prefabricated houses Africa, design and do turnkey prefab houses solutions. Our product and solutions are tailored for quick and efficient construction and aesthetically good looking houses. All prefabricated houses Africa are energy efficient, supplied in a kit form and mostly flat packed and assembled on site. Prefabricated house buildings are one of the modular buildings. They are used in so many sector. You can see them as hospitals, schools, houses… Karmod is a Turkey based company producing prefab buildings. With its 36 years experience and expert teams, it desigs and produces modular building for every sector from all over the world. One of its products is prefabricated houses. You can look Karmod houses for Africa Prefab housesAfrica modular prefab house buildings, North and  African prefab houses… We are working to serve you in a best quality and economic way. With the feedbacks we take from you, we develop our working style and products. We work with the people who are expert in their fields.

Family Modular Homes for Africa

Modular prefab homes are the buildings produced in a factory as modules then installed on site. They have so many advantages and, with their features they are the best alternative to traditional building methods like reinforced construction.

They can be used for many different purposes. They can be used as permanent living areas, summer houses, vineyard house, social public housing, urgent accommodation building, refugee camp houses, hospitals…

Karmod has modular prefab homes models for every wish and every budget. Our single storey prefabricated house Africa model areas start from 28 squaremeters and they can have 123 squaremeters. We can produce prefab house in every size you want. We produce single and two storey prefab houses. Having a house of your dream has never been easier like this before! You describe your dream house, then leave the rest to us.

Features of our Modular prefab homes Africa:

  • They are suitable for even 1st degree earthquake zone. With our prefab houses you can have a safe living area.
  • We use fireproof materials in or ready prefabricated house Africa
  • Our prefab houses have high insulation values. They help you to reduces energy costs, save your money. And thanks to these values, they can be used in every season.
  • We use unwelded building techology in our production. Thus, all of products can be installed in a very short time.
  • The certified quality materials are used in our products and they are guaranteed.
  • They have aesthetic appearance with their unique designs. Also you can prefer different coatings at your prefab house.

Luxurious west africa prefabricated house in Unique Designs

Africa is one of the regions we run so many different projects. For example, we produced and installed on site managent buildings and worker camp building of power plants in Africa. We produce them in our modern production facilities in Istanbul and then we delivered them to the region in international transportation standards. They are installed by our expert teams in very short time. Among the buildings we produced, there are dormitories, dining halls, work offices, management buildings…

Our prefabricated houses Africa are used in so many projects like social housing and worker camps. If you have a project for Africa region and if you need temporary but durable buildings, Karmod is the only address.

Africa Modular Prefab COVID-19 Hospital buildings

Covid-19 has affected all the world. In this process, the most important need is hospitals. In many countries so many people died because there is not enough hospital. Prefab modular hospitals offer the best solution for this kind of situtations. They have fast production and fast installation. Also, thanks to the their demounted production, they provide easy transportation. After they are delivered to desired area, their installation is made by our teams and they can be started to use immediately. We have built disinfectant portable cabins and modular field hospitals in many regions. You can contact us for detailed information about Africa Prefab COVID-19 Hospital buildings and all modular buildings.

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