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Perfectly matched prefabricated houses in Austria

As one of Austria's leading prefabricated house builders, Karmod offers affordable, quality modular homes. Explore our selection of steel homes, Prefabricated and modular homes. Karmod Modular Prefab Homes is transforming the light steel system construction, modular component industry. Karmod, one of the professional modular design and manufacturing companies, is a prefabricated house manufacturer located in the heart of Austria. Our management team consists of experienced professional architects and engineers with backgrounds in both manufacturing and construction. We know what it takes for an independent builder company to design, manufacture and sell quality built custom modular house components that are the basic framework for custom prefab house construction in Austria. As karmod in Austria, our values ​​(flexibility, attention to detail and commitment to quality) are the foundation of every family, multi-family and modular commercial structure we produce.

Modular House Floor Plans and Designs in Austria

Independent builders, design-build architects and developers in Austria all rely on Karmod Modular Prefab Homes as the manufacturer of the highest quality prefabricated modular components. Our Professional Sales and architect drawing team is on hand for any questions you may have as a professional independent builder. Call us today.

For New prefab home buyer in Austria - If you're dreaming of a place you can call Home, you can design your own living space from our wide selection of floor plans or provide your own prefab house floor plan design. From contemporary to artisanal, if you can imagine it, one of the many independent builders who purchase our modular components can assist you in the design and construction of your new prefab home.

Imagine a stunning kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, beautiful bedrooms and spacious closets inside your prefab home - all customized to suit your lifestyle. Your dream prefab modular home can come true and is affordable at the same time!

Modular Homes for Sale by Karmod in Austria

Karmod Modular Prefab Homes has built a solid reputation for excellence in the quality of components created by the systems produced along with a high degree of customer satisfaction. Also, we offer a 2 Year Warranty. What makes Karmod Modular Prefab Homes the preferred manufacturer for system construction, prefabricated modular home components is our ability to custom design all the components that make up your ideal floor plan. Whatever you plan to build - Prefab single family, duplexes, apartments, townhouses, light commercial or office buildings, retirement communities or apartment buildings - we are the manufacturer with the resources to custom design your modular building. Whether it's to save effort or money, a prefab modular home may be your best bet. Visit us or call us to discuss our Prefab Modular home options. After choosing the right one for you, we will even assist you in financing your new prefab house in Austria.

Everything Is As You Wish! Reflect Your Lifestyle To Your Home With Your Own Design...

With dozens of project options, we furnish the house that is most suitable for your own lifestyle and deliver it to you according to your wish.

Karmod delivers your home on turnkey basis with floor and wall coverings that you can choose according to your wish. It can be installed anywhere in the world without any problem. Offering a comfortable and useful living space with an area of 73 m2, this prefabricated house consists of a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms. You will not want to give up the comfort that is offered while your eyes are mesmerizing with the design of your house that shines like a pearl in your lush garden.

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