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Karmod, a Turkish company with more than 36 years of prefabricated modular building experience. It represents Europe's and Bulgaria's most famous and bespoke brand of steel house and modular prefabricated house manufacturer. Luxury can be many things for customers who choose to live in a transparent and generous Karmod prefab house, but above all, it must express itself with a superior quality of life. You can review the details on the construction of the modular prefabricated house and the house plans and on our web system, which is shown in detail.

Karmod's philosophy that a luxury prefab house lifestyle and an environmentally friendly life should not be mutually exclusive has led the company to continuously improve its designs to be more energy efficient while maintaining and improving aesthetic quality. Karmod Company produces a limited number of prefabricated houses of around 1,000 each year, which gives the concept a privileged advantage. Among the customers of Karmod Company are well-known customer names from the film, sports and business circles around the world.

Choosing a Karmod company in Bulgaria means choosing a prefabricated house habitat characterized by living in harmony with nature and the highest standards of quality and comfort. The best quality galvanized light steel profiles, natural materials and space are the key elements of our projects. It is our goal to create the best living comfort. Our design knowledge and experience is at your disposal to create your dream prefab house. Do not hesitate to contact us for any modular commercial or technical project request. we are as close as a phone call

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We sell the perfect house in Bulgaria, so don't dream, get your dreams now! First of all, by listing the main advantages of the prefabricated steel houses we produce, we would like to congratulate everyone who likes our products and wants to be sure of the correctness of their choices, Affordable and Environmentally friendly, Fast and clean construction method, High performance accuracy, High insulated thermal insulation, Summer and winter weatherproof, Disaster and Earthquake resistance. Building a house is a complex process that takes into account the perspectives of many parties. At the same time, the requirements of customers, the originality of the property, legal requirements and expert opinions should be taken into account. Prefabricated houses in Bulgaria. Getting information about where the real estate will be built, where the house will be built, the situation of the house. land, existing communications, etc, Evaluation of investment intentions. Providing clarity regarding the purpose, appearance and architectural distribution of the Prefabricated Building. Preparation of a conceptual design. The next step is to determine the following details: Is an investment project required in prefabricated houses in Bulgaria, if necessary, who will prepare the necessary parts for obtaining a building permit, Foundation - usually the task of building it is for the client. We carry out control over its implementation. In exceptional cases, we can carry out its construction.

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Integrity degree and design features in Bulgaria. In addition to the degree of completion beyond the standard, it is possible to specify some activities to be carried out by the customer on the basis of an additional contract. The construction of the structure is the result of our experience, however, at the request of the customer, different parameters can be changed within the acceptable limits of the technology. After clarification of the specified, a production contract is signed, which sets prices, deadlines, features of the building and ways of payment. Delivery and installation is carried out according to the terms specified in the contract. After the finishing processes are completed, it is delivered to the customer with the field delivery protocol and the warranty period begins. Legalization and receipt of the registration and commissioning certificate is carried out by a supervisory company for an additional fee. Warranties should not be confused with service life. With the normal use of buildings, their operational life is the same as a standard solid building. In our prefabricated houses, the steel structure is placed in minimum contact with atmospheric conditions. In the absence of such an effect, it has been proven that the pprefabricated steel house can last forever. There are many houses in the world with preserved, prefabricated house and mdoler structure more than 80 years old.

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