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Karmod prefab building. was founded in 1996 and is a dynamic company operating in the modular commercial buildings and industrial sectors of Cyprus. Its main activities are in the field of mechanical engineering in particular metal structures in particular with extensive experience and expertise in prefabricated houses systems and the construction of metal steel buildings.

Karmod Prefabricated Houses Cyprus, prides itself in offering you a wide range of new home floor plans from industry leading manufacturers. From Single Wides, Double Wides , Triple Wides, Modular and even our new Park Model series you are curtain to find exactly what you are looking for. Our site does not offer pricing on our models due to the many variables when building a dream home. To get a price quote today on any model simply request more information online or call us direct. New Manufactured, Modular and Cyprus Prefabricated house for Sale Why wait? Get started finding your dream home today by clicking on one of the new home
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Steel Frame Homes & Prefabricated Houses in Cyprus

Welcome Home! A wish that Karmod – Prefabricated Houses company makes it happen since 1986.
For 36 years, the top company of the prefabricated houses field, leads you to your own modular house fast and with reasonable prices. We consider prefabricated houses shells in which people coexist in harmony with the natural environment. A prefabricated house designed according to the modern architectural trends, with comfortable and functional spaces, all in a few square meters. For this reason, we never negotiate our choice of eco friendly materials for the construction. Prefabricated houses: King of materials for us. The feeling when you live in such prefabricated house cannot be described, but only experienced.

Double Storey 2 Bedroom Prefabricated House Design in Cyprus

That Could Change Home Building Need to Build a house? Affordable prefabricated homes Prices, Cool Design, Fast and Easy Delivery. What´s not to like? When building a prefabricated house you will definitely come across the option of designing and building traditional house or cost effective modern light weight steel frame home.Prefabricated houses are supported by the Cyprus Design standards and other positive professional industry bodies.

Prefab house in Cyprus Design Quality Sustainable Speed Value

Karmod is a company based in Istanbul, Turkey, dedicated to the design, construction and sale of high quality modular prefabricated houses. Established in 1986, it is the world's largest prefabricated building company, exporting to 132 countries with its 31,000 square meter production facility. Special prefabricated houses, modular offices, worker construction sites, schools, hospitals, halls, etc. We design and manufacture modular products and we can transport and install them anywhere in Cyprus.

In recent years, modular prefabricated houses in Cyprus are an alternative to the real estate market, which people prefer to traditional options. The prefabricated houses we produce in Cyprus also have the advantage of being able to settle on any kind of land, whether in the city or on the land.

Our well-trained prefabricated house production team, consisting of professional architects, engineers, inspectors, builders, and craftsmen in Karmod's office, ensures that we know the needs of our customers and therefore we can take the necessary precautions. He wants to satisfy them with the house projects he draws for them.

Steel Frame Houses at Affordable Prices in Cyprus

The high quality prefabricated houses we produce are from Karmod, the world's most preferred brand, with Reasonable Prices, Great Design, Fast and Easy delivery in Cyprus. When building a steel house, you will definitely come across the option of designing and building a traditional reinforced concrete house or a cost-effective modern light steel frame house.

It is a premium quality frame building system that uses first-class, hot-dip galvanized steel as the main structural material of steel houses. Steel frame house systems have been used in commercial construction for decades in America and European countries around the world due to their superior qualities. As a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods, it is the tried and proven Cyprus steel house technology now available to home builders. According to the researches of Karmod steel house company, these frames last an average of 250 years in Cyprus, which makes them superior to other construction methods and materials. For example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France was built as a steel structure in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is still standing and in excellent condition.

In Cyprus you can expect to pay less for a Steel frame house depending on the specifications because construction in steel houses is quick and easy, yet precise. You will also reap all the long-term benefits associated with Steel frame house technology in terms of reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

Just a quick example, a traditional steel house in Cyprus will cost approx.

A Steel frame house in cyprus will cost you around 450 – 600 euros + VAT to build including soundproofing and we also offer free architectural plans for steel houses larger than 100 m2. Your home will be completely finished with European Sanitary Wares. Request a quote to build your dream steel house in Cyprus according to our steel house designs, your taste and lifestyle or from a portfolio of over 50 existing designs.

You can call and get offers to build steel construction houses, security cabins, summer cottages and Luxury Villas that we produce. The law in Cyprus says that all new steel houses must be insulated. Our light Steel frame houses are energy efficient, fully insulated and all this is included in the price. No extra cost for you!

Affordable Durable Prefabricated Social Housing in Cyprus

Prefabricated houses or steel frame houses are made of extremely strong and durable light steel. You can build social housing that is resistant to the conditions of the Cyprus climate. Steel frames do not warp, shrink or expand over the years. In steel houses, you will not experience sticking windows, undulating roofs or door jams in social housing caused by the movement or change of the steel frame over time.

Choosing steel houses as social housing for the people of Cyprus gives you flexibility in the design of your house that other materials do not have. For example, due to the lightweight nature and strength-to-weight ratio of steel, you will have greater capacity to design longer spans and large, open living spaces.

Using Steel house plans in affordable housing or collective housing offers the following many advantages:

Steel Frame Home, social housing built to standards, we offer home designs suitable for low and medium families looking for a high quality, affordable and safe public housing home. The prefabricated housing systems produced by Karmod aim to provide an enjoyable, high quality, economical and integrated social housing solution for all your needs as soon as possible.

Cyprus-specific social residences produced by Karmod are designed with plain and simple lines that combine practical architecture with modern aesthetics. All residential plans are carefully studied for optimum use of available space and are characterized by total comfort, ergonomics and functionality. A wide variety of designs are available, and new social housing designs can also be created and adapted to suit the needs of each client.

The social housing we manufacture in Cyprus is made of premium innovative quality materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions and repetitive daily use. Meticulous attention has been paid to its combination with other materials and colors, the main structural element of which is steel metal. When all construction details are considered, they create a modern, pleasant and comfortable home living environment without the need for costly maintenance.

It is equipped with all necessary facilities and services such as plumbing and electrical installations, telephone and television lines, electrical connections of air conditioning units, countertops, sinks and kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes, furniture, sanitary ware, faucets. and whatever else the client wants can be done in the project. All prefabricated social housing systems offered by Karmod are guaranteed for 2 years against normal wear and tear. In addition, our staff is always ready in Cyprus to immediately intervene in any need and problem related to maintenance and repair.

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