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Prefabricated houses in Kenya

Made in the Kenya, our Affordable housing are built in half the time of traditional custom housing and One of the benefits of prefab homes is that they tend to be highly energy efficient. Compared to conventional construction methods, modern prefab homes are built faster and have a smaller environmental impact. Prefabricated homes are built in sections in a home building facility then moved to a home site and assembled. We make modern premium prefab homes in Kenya.

Affordable housing in Kenya prices

As Karmod, we build modular buildings all over the world. Up to the present, we built so many modular products at more than 130 countries. Stylish yet affordable, buying property is becoming attainable for middle-income families, All Buildings Are Custom Designed For Our Client’s Specific Requirements. Our products have tens of variety. We have prefab houses, light steel construction houses, container houses, security cabins, kiosk, modular sales offices, prefab and container dormitories and dining halls, modular hospitals… etc. We run so many projects in different countries. One of the regions Karmod carries on a business is Africa continent. We built workers’ camp for mining project and oil exploration projects, large scaled infrastructure projects and construction projects. Kenya is one of the places Karmod carries on a business. For high quality, durable and enviromentally friendly Affordable Housng in Kenya and other Africa prefabricated construction buildings, Karmod is one of the best options.

Affordable cost of prefabs in Kenya, enables to build social housing projects in more economic way. Social housing projects are required for many different purposes. After wars, disaster and incidents like these, for thousands of refugees and natural disaster victims, the best housing method is social housing. These kinds of project can be run by government institutions, foundations or non-governmental organizations. Modular building methods are savior. Because they have significant features like fast production, fast installation, long-term usability, earthquake resistant and fire resistant… Buildings where thousands of people stay can be designed, produced and installed in only weeks. And even they are preferred for temporary situations, if you prefer Karmod for your buildings, they offer very long years of use thanks to their high quality structure.  The prefab material Karmod uses is certified and guaranteed.

Karmod installed a field hospital in Kenya

Covid-19 has affected all the world. The most affected sector is health. Hospitals have remained incapable. Because of that, field hospitals have been needed. Karmod installed a field hospital in Kenya. The buildings has 272 square meters area and it has been designed in a way that 11 doctors can render service at the same time. It is a two storey building. And we completed this field hospital project in only 22 days. Karmod products come to the forefront with its fast production and fast installation along with durable and insulated structure. Not only hospitals, as Karmod we can produce and install containers, modular cabins and prefabricated homes in Kenya.

Prefabricated Houses Construction Company In Kenya

Affordable housing in Kenya products are needed in every construction projects or by people who want to have a house in a economic way. For this reason, modular buildings are the most preferred products. Karmod ready houses offer comfortable living areas. They have modular structure. We design our products at computing environment by our expert teams consisting of architects and engineers who are experts in their field. Then, we produce them in our modern production facilities. After this, our products go through many checks during their production processes. In the end, they are transfered to the place you want in international shipping standards and they are installed on site.

Cheap prefab houses in Kenya

We have tens of prefabricated houses models. There are one storey or two storey houses among our ready houses models. You can prefer different coating at both interior and exterior panels. All materials used in electrical wiring or water installations are ceritified. If you have any problem after your house is installed, you can contact Karmod after sales teams and your problem is solved immediately. Kenya is located on equator. It has temperate climate. Karmod produces suitable products for Cheap refabricated houses in Kenya. To have durable, high grade, long lasting Cheap prefabricated houses in Kenya, contact Karmod team now! You can look our products on our web site in detail.

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