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Innovative Prefab House Design unique to Italy

Karmod, which has been producing prefabricated houses suitable for Italian architecture since 1986. Turkey based company in Istanbul, designs and manufactures modular living units for Italy, easy and fast to construct modular buildings. Karmod prefabricated houses are actually designed to be equipped with all kinds of comfort.

If you want to buy a flexible, suitable and economical prefabricated steel house in Italy, the modular house may be the right choice for you. In Italy, a wide range of models, usually wooden log house, steel construction or concrete house, are available at very different prices and features depending on the purpose of use and the options selected. Karmod will help you choose the best and most affordable prefabricated house for you.

Karmod is an innovative modular homes that has emerged to provide affordable, high-quality prefabricated home living space in accordance with Italian architecture, quickly and easily, uses traditional insulated special materials. Our Prefabricated Houses are Karmod's sustainable, innovative and high-quality solution that also provides very short construction times and attractive costs.

We produced the best prefab steel house for you in Italy

Thanks to their flexibility and low cost, prefabricated houses in Italy are especially suitable to meet and facilitate new housing trends and ideas. Prefabricated houses are very suitable for those who want both a mobile tiny house and a stylish home to save unused spaces without sacrificing elegance, as in this example of this prefab house in Italy.

We believe that the Italian Customer is creative. Our mission is to empower prefabricated homes for consumers to create their own living experiences. You can add your personal touch by choosing your preferred sizes and materials based on your unique needs and financial situation.

Our steel prefab homes specialize in premium modular home living. We combined aesthetics and functionality into a fully functional, customizable modular home product that is ready to use within a month. Karmod modular construction system offers many modular construction options based on multiple modules and materials.

Italy's prefabricated house brand in nature and tourism

Those who love a certain kind of tourism and natural landscapes of Italy may find prefabricated houses the perfect ally. Prefabricated houses designed by Karmod Design in collaboration with customers in accordance with Italian architecture are an innovative way of living in harmony with nature.

At other times, thanks to the support of Karmod companies, Karmod, a Turkish company specializing in building multi-family modular homes, will produce multi-family prefabricated houses for the Italian Provinces in the new cooperation of these constructions, as well as their prefabricated houses. Or you can buy prefabricated houses cheaply on the Internet directly from the website.

Cost of high performance prefab homes in Italy

Therefore, steel prefab houses represent less and less a niche in Italy and are becoming a real real estate reality, with different prices and models ready to meet different wants and needs. Therefore, the costs per square meter of prefabricated houses may vary depending on the features of the house you choose, among other things. Well, let's see how much a turnkey prefabricated house costs in Italy.

When prefabricated houses made their debut in the Italian real estate and real estate market, one of the reasons people preferred this type of house was the price, which was on average 45-50% faster and cheaper than a traditional house. The average factory selling price of a prefabricated house in Italy is around 180 euro per square meter (plus VAT). This is true for a prefabricated prefabricated house, but even in the case of a concrete structure, the maximum cost is very high and the price per square meter can be three times higher.

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