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Prefabricated houses in jamaica

Prefabricated Social Housing Jamaica Projects
Built on a solid foundation of hardwork and creativity that dates back to 1986, Karmod prefab house building systems develops and steers major local projects that are functional, reliable and aesthetic. Our accumulated experience in delivering enviable solutions makes us qualified to apply to meet your needs. Karmod Prefab house building is a proud builder of our nation’s home; we build schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial property, residential property (apartments, housing schemes).

Prefabricated Housing Situation in the jamaica

Disaster impact and deficient houses conditions are both interrelated phenomena. A Large portion of the jamaica regions are prone to natural disasters and this has a significant impact on the housing situation in the jamaica Islands and their people life. The house situation in the jamaica can be identified as critical. Apart from the natural disasters, poor house in the jamaica is a result of the unplanned urbanization and uneven distribution of economic activities.

“We believe that our Modular Prefab houses can be the answer to the housing shortage in jamaica Islands, like, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and more…”

Recent technological advancements in Modular Prefab houses Construction, allow manufacturers to produce strong and sustainable buildings that can withstand hurricane wind, rain, earthquake and fire disasters.

Enjoy Safety and Energy Efficient Prefab House in jamaica

In addition, our modern Prefabricated houses construction methods succeed to provide a quicker building process than the traditional house building methods -homes are produced in the factory and delivered ready for assembly to the construction site- fewer man-hours needed for construction time, no wastage of materials, projects can be completed at a lower cost, and structures are built to code standards and on budget.

Karmod streamlined production flow and global platform, enable us to deliver multi-units on a large scale, thus we can meet the requirements of wide-range housing development or reconstruction projects.

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