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Prefab houses in Latvia: Buy property at competitive prices

We set out with our main objective to create a company that thinks a little bit smarter and to offer more flexible prefabricated house solutions to customers, while keeping the prices of prefabricated houses at a very competitive level according to the quality we offer to our customers. Our prefabricated house production concept makes it possible to quickly and easily create customized eco-friendly modular homes and maintain the same quality in site-built prefabricated houses and residences.

Whether you want to build an architect-designed prefabricated house, a catalog modular house or a prefabricated house that you have drawn in Latvia - we are with you until the end! Many of our clients want a unique steel house that no one else has. Prefab houses work great for both small summer cottages and multi-storey prefab residential buildings. We believe this technology is a good way to industrialize the construction process and create benefits in quality, environmental impact and not least, cost efficiency. This is an important part of the future modular construction we want to contribute.

Whether you want a ready made modular prefab house quote from us or you want to plan a prefab house with us, we can offer you a residential prefab steel house plan that fits you perfectly.

Modular Homes for Different Needs in Latvia

Building a small prefab house on your own plot is becoming more and more popular, and there are many players on the market. Unlike a garden shed, a small prefab house or Karmod as it is known in Latvia can be equipped as an independent prefab house. This means that you can use it both as a summer and winter holiday home or holiday home, and as a permanent residence that you can rent for additional income. Karmod has its own assortment of turnkey prefabricated houses manufactured in our factory in Latvia. If you have your own ideas and drawings that you want to realize in your dreams, we can also help. Contact us and let us know! Let's give you an affordable offer.

In Latvia It is important for us to be able to offer modular homes that suit our customers' wishes, whether they are individuals or companies. Our prefab frame houses are available as detached residences and family detached family homes semi-detached houses, row villas and terraces and come in any size possible.

Thanks to our great experience and knowledge since 1986, we can act as a support system for you, the customer, throughout the project. By delivering nearly finished housing estates, we reduce the time spent working on site, which ultimately saves you significant time and money. At our factory, our skilled craftsmen will complete everything expected of a modern prefabricated residential building.

Beachfront property and cheap houses for sale in Latvia

Flexible prefabricated housing solutions: You, our customer, decide what the final design of the Prefabricated House in Latvia should be. We can customize our products when it comes to Flexible dimensions, floor plans, material selection and more.

Your prefabricated houses are produced in our 32 thousand square meter factory. The production of our houses is carried out in controlled forms with the help of very efficient state-of-the-art machines in the interior spaces. This provides high-quality prefabricated steel houses, a good working environment and protection against problems that can arise from weather conditions such as dampness.

The most preferred house brand in 132 countries of the world, the highest quality prefabricated houses quality management system is the guarantee that your modular house meets the current building regulations and standards. Every stage of the production process is controlled until the prefabricated modular House is finished.

Our turnkey solutions for Prefabricated Houses and Light steel houses in Latvia mean you don't have to spend time on a sometimes very demanding construction process. Our ready-made modular home solutions are delivered and assembled quickly on site. At the same time, we realize that not everyone wants to buy ready-made solutions. If you are looking for a custom-built prefab house solution, we will be happy to sit down and prepare a quote based on your wishes and needs. If you have your own house plans and know exactly what you are looking for, just submit your house project and we will get back to you with an affordable house quote!

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