Cost of prefabricated houses in Nigeria – Affordable housing estates in abuja

Prefabricated Houses in Nigeria

We are the leading construction company, manufacturers and supplier of widest range of Prefab Modular Houses and Portable Cabins (Caravans) Nigeria, Portable Office buildings. Our goal is to provide our clients all over Nigeria (and beyond) high quality portable, demountable or Social housing and or modular prefabricated homes. As one of the best portable accommodation providers in the world, Karmod Prefabricated Houses Technologies attach great importance to quality over quantity. In older times, the thought of having a portable office building Nigeria was not positive as they lacked reliability and quality. However, in modern times, this thought went extinct and people started to think that prefabricated buildings are more efficient, practical and affordable compared to traditional permanent buildings. This thought was emerged because of the constant research and development done in modular buildings industry.

Cost of prefabricated houses in Nigeria

From containers for construction sites and flat pack container accommodation to affordable prefab housing and social prefab housing Nigeria, we have made a considerable progress since 1986 and made portable accommodation ideal for nearly every occasion. All of our practical modular buildings are practical, portable, affordable, configurable and durable. Meaning, they are designed to be moved easily from one place to another, have their entire interior or exterior customized, to withstand most harsh environment and man-made or natural disasters while still having an extra durability option to be able to make them occupy the most extreme zones such as warzones and still be considerably cost-efficient compared to other prefabricated buildings or traditional permanent buildings. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies Nigeria, we consider all humane and professional measures. We take the necessary precautions before starting our operations to reduce the amount of possible disturbance we may cause around us to a minimum as we respect all cultures, religions, ideas, communities and traditions. We believe that one of the main reasons of our success is the mutual respect we have between our clients and we want to maintain that relationship by providing high-quality services.

Turkey prefab houses for super-rich in Lagos Nigeria

Due to the need for housing in developing countries all over the world, the construction industry is actively working. The increasing population density necessitates the continuous construction of new residences. Affordable and low-cost houses should be built to cover all socioeconomic classes in the society. In Africa, especially in Nigeria, the pace of construction projects is being implemented with the same acceleration without interrupting. Basically, this situation is a response to the basic needs of the society, which is one of the phenomena emerging all over the world. The need for housing is one of the most basic needs. Traditional construction methods cannot respond to these needs efficiently. Therefore, the search for an efficient construction method has led the industry to Prefabrication. The attempt to explore it as an alternative construction method is actually one of the reasons for the emergence of the prefabrication method. Prefabrication can be defined as the technology of producing parts of something, especially a building, in a factory environment so that it can be transported to a construction site and assembled there easily. Modular buildings, prefab homes Nigeria, which are the products of this technology known by different names, can be used not only for social housing purposes but also in every project where traditional construction is used.

Prefab Housing Nigeria – Modern Prefab Homes

Prefabricated construction methods are successfully applied in Nigeria. In traditional construction methods, there should be qualified personnel, a developed infrastructure and a large budget in the construction industry. Prefabricated buildings can be built easily with a low budget and do not require as much labor as traditional construction methods. Modern prefab low cost social housing Nigeria is now available in Nigeria. Modular houses of different designs can be built, from a small house to a large apartment. It can be easily moved and installed on site, even in areas with insufficient infrastructure. Housing estates in Abuja has emerged as an ideal solution to the growing housing need.

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