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Prefabricated Houses in Pakistan

Karmod Prefab Home is the largest and most diverse manufacturer of factory-built accommodation in Pakistan. The company has been building a wide variety of units for more than 30 years to many parts of Pakistan, supplying customers in the industrial, commercial and government sectors.

We’re driven by innovation and we live in it.
The Leading Manufacturer of Prefabricated houses in Pakistan & Offices in Pakistan We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and construction of the prefabricated house, steel structure. Prefab Home is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated/ mobile homes, offices, labor camps, temporary site offices, guard rooms Etc.

Low-cost prefabricated houses introduced in Pakistan

Excellence in Quality, across all aspects from raw material to final product, including packing is our basis to manufacture.

Our whole-hearted commitment is to server our customers’ needs while maintaining a reputation for quality, integrity and employee satisfaction, which propels us forward.

Prefabricated Low Cost House Technology Introduced in Pakistan

The concept of prefabricated houses in the construction industry in Pakistan is fairly new. The launch of Pakistan Housing Program in the country has attracted many foreign investors and construction companies to build affordable and low-cost housing for the poor and the homeless.
Modular homes or prefab homes feature pieces or components that are especially built in a factory. These individual construction components are then transported on the construction site where they are simply assembled. Whereas, site-built homes are constructed using conventional methods. These houses are built on the site which will be inhabited, using construction materials and equipment.

Prefabricated houses in Islamabad

Prefabricated housing technology in NPHP
Benefits of prefabricated houses in NPHP
There are a number of advantages of prefab homes. Take a look at how Prefabricated houses in Pakistan is the next big thing in the construction industry.

Prefabricated houses company in Pakistan

Saves money
Easily transported
Reduced construction time
Increased quality
Less site disruption
Construction of Prefabricated houses in Pakistan is commended for its eco-friendliness. Conventional methods of construction require extra materials that lead to increased waste. Since the construction of prefabricated houses is mostly done in a controlled-setting within a factory, most of the materials that are not being used are recycled. Instead of sending the waste directly to a landfill, it is recycled in the factory. Moreover, as the components of prefab houses are built in a controlled setting it ensures better air filtration and more accurate construction and also allows better wall insulation which makes the houses more energy efficient.

Prefabricated houses manufacturers in Pakistan

Modular houses saves a large chunk of your money. More often than not, Prefabricated houses in Pakistan are constructed as part of large scale housing schemes like that of Karmod Pakistan Housing Program. The manufacturers of prefabricated houses receive bulk discounts from construction material suppliers. Moreover, in the construction of prefab homes, there is no need to hire contractors and labourers. And so, the costs they would add are also saved considerably.

Prefab Homes Pakistan- Certified & Affordable

Prefabricated houses are not only flexible in their design but also can be easily transported to different sites. This saves the time and costs involved in bringing raw materials to the construction site and building everything from scratch.

Prefabricated houses in Pakistan and construction units are also used in different spaces and have neutral colours and designs that can fit and merge well on any given site.

Of course, that is a given. The biggest advantage of constructing prefabricated houses is that it reduces time and effort. The reason why Turkey company Karmod Construction has inaugurated its plant in Pakistan to build prefabricated homes is to speed up the process of building large scale housing units in the shortest possible time. This will hugely benefit Karmod Pakistan Housing Program.

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