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Prefabricated houses Tanzania

Karmod is a prefabricated technologies company established in 1986. With its expert teams, sector experience and innovative brand principle, Karmod reached all over the world. Now, Karmod buildings are being used at more than 130 countries. African countries are preferring Karmod buildings for different purposes. For affordable prefabricated modular homes africa or social housing in africa, our products offer you economic, ergonomic and very useful building solution.

Modular Prefab Houses Manufacturer in Tanzania

We carried out one of our projects in Tanzania. Prefab houses in Tanzania that are design and built by Karmod, were used for gold mine worker camp. We have been used new generation container model in this project. Total length in metres was 180. 3×12 and 3×6 units have sandwich panel walls and roofs. They have high insulation. Because of to region, they are very durable. Rain and wind factors are common in the region. They are resistant to many factors like rain, dust and sand. The dormitories used in the project have very spacious and comfortable living ad relaxation area. They offer an house environement to the people working in gold mining project in tanzania. The container units we built with the new generation container technology are produced as demounted. We installed them on site and we completed this project in only 8 days.

Low Cost Prefab Housing Tanzania

One of the largest countries of Africa, Tanzania is located on the side of Indian Ocean. Low cost housing methods are very common in this region like all over the world. What are advantages of these buildings and why they are being preferred?

They are more economic than the traditional building methods. The traditional building methods like reinforced concrete can be very expensive. Maybe for permanent solutions may be less of a problem but for temporary building needs, more economic buildings are needed. Prefabricated houses construction tanzania are very useful and economic for both temporary and permanent solutions. The other advantage of these buildings is that they are produced as demounted and in a factory. Because they are produced in a factory, error rate is less, also waste of raw materials is less too. For these reasons, prices can be less.

World’s Most Impressive Mass Housing Projects in Tanzania

We live in an age that the environmental pollution threatens our future and nature. Because of that, we should pay more attention to use enviromentally friendly structures. Prefab buildings are more advantageous in terms of environmental pollution. If you prefer modular buildings, the harm you do to enviroment will be less. mass housing projects in Tanzania also help you save energy. They have high insulation with their high quality durable panels. With these buildings, your energy costs can be significantly reduced.

Prefabricated Structure Manufacturers in Tanzania

As Karmod family, we would be very happy to serve you. For any building need you have, you can contact us. Our prefabricated buildings can be preferred for educational, health or every sector’s building need. Not only one sector, we worked with so many companies from different sectors and different regions. We design buildings for every region conditions. Karmod buildings are fire resistant and earthquake resistant. They can be used in even first degree earthquake zones. For prefabricated houses tanzania, we can design and produced durable, long lasting and affordable products. After we produce them in modern production facilites, we transport them in international standards to the place you want. And they are installed by our professional teams on site in very short time.

For detailed information, you can contact us now. Describe your project, leave the rest to Karmod teams. You will notice both service and structure quality.

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