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We’re one of Turkey’s leading prefab home builders, helping imaginative customers build eco-friendly steel frame houses to their exact specifications.Prefab houses Turkish costs. Choosing your dream house is an important decision that will affect your life for many years to come, Eco-friendly & energy-saving homes, prefabricated housing design and public housing vs affordable housing& manufacturing experts offering sustainable, turnkey solutions. Prefabricated houses are structures produced with modular system that have many advantages. Structures produced with a modular system mean structures consisting of certain parts. These structures are produced disassembled. They are assembled in the places where it will be delivered and delivered to the user after the installation is completed. Since 1986, Karmod is a company that has proven itself in the sector with tens of projects contributed in the field of prefabricated building technologies and in addition to these, thousands of individual users from all over the world, especially Turkey.

Modern, Green, Premium Prefab Modular Homes in Turkey

So, there is no deviation in quality, and a high degree of precision is achieved. Besides, less effort is required at the construction site, and it is possible to greatly reduce the amount of time spent on construction. It’s the one of the most technologically advanced and sustainable forms of construction available in the 21st century. It ensures a high quality product, reduces overall build costs and shortens the duration of build programmes. Our Prefab modular houses are built to be extremely durable, natural, healthy, sustainable, and low maintenance. Prefab Frame Steel House buildings Turkey feature exceptionally high insulation ratings, energy efficient roof and wall system.

The living spaces offered by our prefabricated houses Turkey designs with dozens of affordable house models range from 28 square meters to 206 square meters. Our models include private garage and terrace models. Houses with modern designs are ideal choice for summer house, vineyard house or for your daily living spaces.

Prefab Tiny Houses You Can Buy Right Now In Turkey

With Karmod different, have comfortable living spaces where you can collect peaceful and fun memories with your loved ones and family. Karmod is with you not only during the order process but also during the usage of your home. When you experience any problem with Karmod houses, which have dozens of advantages such as spacious, large, comfortable and economical, your problem will be solved as soon as possible by professional after-sales services.

Karmod prefabricated houses Turkey has users from all over the world. Karmod buildings are preferred in kyrgyzstan prefabricated buildings and prefab houses, azerbaijan prefabricated buildings and prefab houses, cyprus prefabricated buildings and prefab houses, afghanistan prefabricated buildings and prefab houses, turkmenistan prefabricated buildings and prefab houses, armenia prefabricated buildings and prefab houses and many other countries. Karmod products have thousands of prefabricated houses users worldwide. And there is Karmod signature in the projects of dozens of leading construction companies around the world.

Best Modular prefabricated Home Builder in Turkey

Among the areas where Karmod prefabricated buildings Turkey are preferred, there are Oil Camp projects, Gas Camp projects and Oil Industry and Mining Camps Services. The accommodation units used in the construction sites are the structures that affect the project process a lot. It is important that workers and technical personnel stay in healthy, comfortable and useful areas and carry out their work in these quality areas, contributing to the more organized and timely execution of your entire project. The most used structures in these areas are prefabricated and Turkey container home structures. At the same time, cabinproducts can be preferred for different purposes. In camps where prefab houses building is used, all structures from management offices to laboratories can be produced and delivered ready-made.

Our company, which adds a new prestige project with each passing day, has carried out many projects around the world. One of these projects is the Shahdeniz -2- project, which is planned to transport Azeri Gas to Europe. We took part in this project with our prefabricated solutions. There are all units such as working offices, health facilities, security points, Toilet and shower solutions, dining halls in the project.

Turkish Prefabricated Houses Manufacturer

We have completed another project in the construction site structures to be used as a working office in the field of oil and natural gas extraction in Kazakhstan. Our products, which we have completed in the project carried out by Karmod in the city of Aktau on the shore of the Caspian Sea, will be used as the management and working office building in the prefabricated oil camp. Within the scope of the project, a total of 1,680 square meters of indoor space was built, including 4 single-storey prefabricated and 1 double-storey central administration office. Please visit our website for detailed information about the labor camps we have built, the projects we have contributed around the world and prefabricated houses turkey.

Karmod Prefabricated House Buildings provides innovative, high-quality modular buildings, designed to meet the industrial space and remote housing needs for any industry. We manufacture and service single-unit structures and multi-unit large camps and complexes.

For the workers, it’s a home away from home. For our clients, it’s an efficient, well-run, tightly cost managed camp, working to its optimum.

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