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Prefabricated panelized system buildings

Karmod prefabricated panelized technologies is a company preferred from all over the world and has thousands of references with its principle of superior quality and service, from the project design to the installation of the products since 1986, always following the technology closely. Product groups are every area where a building is needed, from modular cabins to prefabricated houses. As an alternative to traditional construction, it produces all temporary and permanent building units with modular systems. Prefabricated panelized system building products are also among the most preferred products.

prefabricated panelized wall panels provide an excellent alternative to traditional stick framing. Wall panels improve efficiency, prefabricated panelized incorporate framing, structural sheathing, air control layer, continuous exterior insulation, weather resistive barrier, window installation and flashing for you in the factory eliminating multiple laps around the building, therefore saving time and money and eliminating opportunities for error. Builders who elect to use wall panels see cost savings in the long-term, shorter construction cycle times, and better overall quality in the framing.

Prefabricated Panelized Systems That Save Time and Labor

Karmod prefabricated panelized system building can be produced as single-storey or two-storey buildings that can meet accommodation and other needs in all conditions with competitive pricing advantage without sacrificing quality. Panelized is often confused with modular homes. While galvanized sheet metal is generally used in prefabricated systems, prefabricated panel can be built with at least three different wall panel features in the system building. It can be produced with alternatives of precast concrete panel-styrofoam- precast concrete panel, sheet-styrofoam-sheet or sheet-rock wool-sheet. Our sheet-rock wool-sheet metal systems structures are flame retardant and highly resistant to fire. Each of the prefabricated panelized homes has a 3D CAD program that allows us to plan, control and examine all aspects of the building before arriving at the area you request to install. In this way, obstacles that may occur are prevented. In addition, Karmod professional after-sales teams are at your side for any problems.

Panelized Contruction building system – Modular Prefab Homes

The system, also known as fiber-cement/fibro-cement, is one of the most preferred wall panels today. They are plates formed by the combination of wood and cement. It enables the most efficient use of timber materials. During the combination, chemicals that do not harm health are added. prefabricated panelized Building boards, which contain the hardness of cement and the aesthetics of the tree, reflect both the properties of the tree and the properties of the cement. Its use is increasing worldwide. It is one of the best alternatives to reinforced concrete structures.

Panelized Building a Prefab Home – Types, Cost, Pros & Cons

One of the biggest advantages of prefabricated structural panels is their resistance to moisture. It does not cause mold. Due to its very hard structure, it is very difficult for insects, etc. to enter between the panel. Thermal insulation is very important, especially in prefabricated panelized buildings produced as an alternative to traditional construction. Buildings with precast concrete panel provide a very good thermal insulation. It is very easy to assemble like many modular building systems. In addition, it is not harmful to health thanks to the use of harmless chemicals. It provides the advantage of safe use for many years. Karmod uses materials of the best thickness and quality compared to their counterparts. Karmod fiber-cement or galvanized sheet products can be preferred from home to office, from construction site to public areas.

Prefab vs. Modular vs. Panelized Homes

Karmod is a prefabricated panelized building technologies company that aims to realize all its products in international standards, cares about customer satisfaction, product quality and safety in the first place, and produces alternatives to traditional construction methods in the most economical and fastest way possible.

Since its establishment in 1986, it has worked with dozens of large construction companies, has served and continues to serve thousands of customers in tens of different sectors, states, private companies, non-governmental organizations and individual customers. The firm’s unchanging principles have always been quality, service, timely delivery and affordable prices. We ship your prefabricated panelized system building all over the world. After you describe your dream structure to us, we produce it in the shortest time by using computer-aided design and production in our expert teams and we provide installation anywhere in the world. Using prefabricated panelized construction, we can also pre-assemble wall and roof panels in a controlled environment. This will not only result in a savings in on-site labor costs, but will also significantly reduce onsite waste disposal costs while eliminating costly material overruns and delays due to weather and material shortages.

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