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Prefabricated Site Accommodation

Karmod Prefabricated Site Accommodation and Modular Construction Solutions: We provide affordable and reliable modular and off-site solutions all over the world since 1986. Our range is divided into self-contained mobile buildings that are delivered ready for immediate use, and modular building systems that use individual building modules to create larger buildings of any size.

Construction Site Accommodation & Site Storage Containers

Karmod Prefabricated Site Accommodation – supplies a range of Konstructa products to meet every aspect of modern construction site needs. The Structures manufactured by Karmod Covers various applications including Barracks, Site Offices, Site Accommodation, Class Rooms, Labour Camps, Transit Camps, Guard Houses, Sentry Posts, Roof Top Accommodation, Hill Cottages, Partitions, Resorts Accommodation, Low Cost Housing & Health Center, Toll Plazas, Multi Storey Accommodation etc. and many more.

Karmod also manufactures custom made structures for which necessary information regarding requirements has to be intimated by the client and the company works out the best configuration which is ideally suited to the customer’s requirement and is cost effective at the same time. We aim to build affordable modular houses. Flat pack solutions for a fast moving world.

Since 1986, Karmod Prefabricated Site Accommodation Technologies helped realizing many projects and made countless people homeowners across the globe. With an aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction and modernizing portable accommodation, we have developed our way of service. From affordable prefab housing services and site accommodation services to prefab container restaurants and modular container dormitory buildings, our wide catalogue of modular buildings is made to provide your basic accommodation needs but designed to do much more.

All of our products are designed to be extra durable, portable, practical, affordable and configurable. Meaning, they can be transferred with or without the need for deinstallation, can withstand harshest and most difficult environments whether because of natural or man-made reasons and have their entire roof, floor, outside or inside customized because of their highly configurable design and do all of that while still being considerably cost-efficient and practical compared to all kinds of permanent buildings or other modular buildings available in the market. As Karmod Prefabricated Site Accommodation Technologies, we value the mutual respect we have between our customers and believe that is one of the core reasons of our success.

Prefabricated Site Accommodation and Site Cabins

For more than 36 years, we have prioritized researching and implementing modernity in our work with our expert research and development team. We also consider all humane and professional measures and take the necessary precautions before working to reduce the amount of possible disturbance we may cause to a minimum as we respect all traditions, religions, ideas and communities. As Karmod Prefabricated Site Accommodation Technologies, we want to maintain our place at the top and want to keep promoting innovation in our work environment and our products to always provide you with the most efficient, high-quality and practical accommodation services in the world.

Temporary Prefab site accommodation – Modular Buildings

Modular Prefabricated Site Accommodation technology is the method used to produce classrooms, offices, hospitals and buildings of quality that is much faster, more efficient and lasting than traditional-style construction. Modular buildings are temporary or permanent structures built using prefabricated units produced in the factory environment. Whether it is temporary or permanent is entirely the customer’s preference. Temporary buildings are also usable for a long time. Modular buildings are produced in the factory environment, ie outside the facility. This technology avoids the difficulties encountered with traditional site-based structures such as adverse weather conditions or labor shortages, and the modular construction method reduces the construction time of your project. Once delivered to the site, it is easily built and requires very little labor compared to traditional buildings.

Modular Buildings offsite, Site Accommodation

While Prefabricated Site Accommodation offer the flexibility to create buildings in every scale, they provide the ability to make the changes you want in the buildings as your needs change. You have the opportunity to add not only to existing buildings but also to your old buildings. Buildings can be easily moved to another construction site at any time after your project is finished. Modular structures offer excellent solutions for prefab offices camp structures, portable modular site accommodation mining and more. You can make changes to the scale of your building without interruption. If you have a prefabricated building you no longer need, you can reuse it whenever you need it. The modular structure causes significantly less damage to the environment than traditional construction site projects. Being produced in a factory environment results in less vehicle movement and less waste usage. All features needed in the camps are available in modular buildings. It increases the productivity in the workforce by providing comfortable accommodation for the workers. Prefabricated residential construction can be built quickly and reliably.

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