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Prefabricated villas 

Just because prefabricated Villa are eco-friendly and more affordable doesn’t mean they have to be cheap quality. Karmod Prefab Villas, that prefabs are the new luxury. Energy-saving features can be found throughout the building. It is designed with a flexible and anti-seismic steel structure that avoids thermal bridges. Both the interior and exterior are installed with perimeter insulation, argon-gas insulated glass facades, and photovoltaic panels, to ensure ample lighting for the entire Prefab villas house.

We build Smart Prefab villas for the world

The products of modular production systems, which can be produced in disassembled form and installed by the manufacturer at the place of delivery, are much more economical than traditional structures, constitute the architectural system of the future. Environmental pollution, increasing costs in every field and long construction periods increase the search for alternatives to reinforced concrete structures, which are traditional building systems, and the demand for alternative systems continues to increase. It is now possible to see modular prefabricated hospitals, modular labor camps, modular sales offices everywhere. One of the other areas where modular structures are used are summer houses, daily living spaces, chalets, vineyard houses… Prefabricated villas are no less than luxurious living spaces built with traditional reinforced concrete structures.

Fast install Steel Structure Prefabricated Luxury villas

Prefabricated villa houses are modular villa houses that can be preferred in many different areas from urgent housing needs to summer houses, with a very wide usage area. Production times are very short. It is possible to have a house within weeks from the moment you order it. Although there are still thoughts such as “prefabricated buildings are simple” or “they are structures that lack aesthetics compared to traditional buildings”, these ideas have started to change with the newly developed technological production systems and different structures. Because with the prefab steel structure villas, you can produce houses with very different and aesthetic designs suitable for your taste in the exterior coating of your home. It is possible to have very different and magnificent designed houses with alternative exterior cladding systems such as Pvc Siding, Tasonit, biscuit brick, plastered sheathing.

Karmod Prefabricated Villas are the most preferred houses

Karmod is an expert and professional manufacturer of prefabricated houses, which reflects in innovative and modern designs of its products. Our expert architects design houses models taking into consideration the expectations of customers. Karmod prefabricated villas have many advantages such as environmentally friendly, innovative and aesthetic design, long life and ergonomic use. Enjoy the privilege of getting a professional service with the difference of Karmod, which is one of the manufacturers of prefab steel structure villas and has production quality in international standards.

Luxurious prefab house villa in Unique Designs

In our production facilities of 20 thousand square meters equipped with the latest technology production systems, we produce the most beautiful house for you in the shortest time at the most economical prices. In the production of our prefabricated villas, we use a seamless threaded automated system in all parts. We follow and control every stage of our production by our expert teams. We deliver our product, which we have completed the production in a way that is worthy of you, from all over the world as disassembled and we carry out the installation by our expert teams. If you encounter any problem during use with our ready-to-use product, we will solve your problem as soon as possible with our professional after-sales teams.

Prefab luxury villas house and light steel villa construction

In our prefabricated villas, steel doors, interior doors, PVC windows with double glazing, electricity and water networks and fixtures, roof and paint are all included. All materials and parts used in the production of Karmod prefabricated villas are selected from quality certified products and their quality is approved. However, they have thousands of user references around the world. TSE certified paints are used in the interior and exterior panel paints of our houses. In addition, cables, fuses, armature, socket-switches used in electrical installation, sanitary ware, sink and shower armatures used in sanitary installation, pipes are also TSE certified. Our homes with superior quality can be used for many years without maintenance costs. With low maintenance costs, Karmod houses do not bother you and do not strain your budget.

If you are looking for prefabricated villas with modern design, environmentally friendly, according to your own plans and expectations, Karmod is your professional partner that you can trust to find the right choice for you.

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