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Karmod is a manufacturer of prefabricated construction components in Kent, Turkey. The company is trusted by many construction companies for their high-quality modular offices and other buildings and other prefabricated structures. Top Companies in the Turkey Modular Construction Industry. Karmod Modular is a Prefabricated construction company offering integrated systems for designing, fabricating & assembling steel-framed, volumetric modular units. Prefabricated buildings, worker camps in remote locations. Over 36 years experience in oil & gas, minerary, military, humanitarian sectors. View Projects. Specialized solutions, combustion and moisture resistant, with sound insulation properties. To build smart, safe and bright building that withstand the pressure of work.

Prefabricated advantages and disadvantages

Useful prefabricated buildings, which have been increasing in use in recent years and offer the advantage of being used in every field from health to construction, service sector to public space, are much more advantageous in many ways compared to reinforced concrete structures and continue to be developed in a way that does not look like reinforced concrete structures in many areas. Prefabricated house systems, one of the Karmod products that carry their quality with their structures all over the world, are produced with the principle of high quality and low cost. In our production facilities with a high capacity of 20,000 square meters, your home will be delivered to you in just weeks from the moment you place your order. It is installed on site by our expert teams.

Prefabricated house is a modular house system that is produced in the factory environment in accordance with a plan and is not affected by adverse weather and environmental conditions such as reinforced concrete buildings built in the construction site environment. Prefabricated house systems, which have been used as earthquake residences for years, can be preferred not only for low-budget areas but also for luxury areas thanks to the new production technologies developed in the construction sector. As Karmod, together with our team of expert architects and engineers, we have designed prefabricated house models, each of which has different advantages. You can look at each of these models on our website and choose the model that best suits your needs and taste.

Pros and cons of prefabricated

The resulting prefabricated modular buildings are environmentally-friendly, with the all the same architectural aesthetics you would expect from conventional buildings. You can make exterior and interior coatings according to your taste, and you can choose different decorative coatings according to your taste. We have models that have practical and useful moments for narrow spaces, as well as more spacious, garage and terraced models for large areas. After you choose, the production of your house starts in our facilities equipped with new generation production technologies of 20.000 square meters with high production capacity and your home will be delivered to you in just weeks. The installation of our demountable prefabricated houses is carried out by our teams at the shipment site.

Prefabricated house prices are also very economical compared to traditional structures. You won’t have to save for months or years. You can have very luxurious prefabricated houses at very economical prices. As Karmod, we have been working since 1986 to produce the most useful, highest quality and most economical solutions for every sector from leading companies to individual users. As a company that has proven itself with its quality and superior service, we have thousands of users worldwide with only prefabricated houses.

Prefabricated : All Advantages & Disadvantages Explained

Zinc coated galvanized structural steel is used in the structure of the prefabricated houses. In this way, it is earthquake resistant and you can safely use these houses for many years. The plateau house, summer house, vineyard house, chalet and houses that you can use as you wish do not require maintenance costs for many years. As Karmod, we have prepared dozens of prefabricated models specially for you by architects and engineers who are experts in their fields. Among the houses, there are models suitable for every need and demand, including single-storey, one-room, duplex, two or more rooms, a terrace, and a garage. You can access each of our models on our website, and contact us for more detailed information. Houses that you can reach with a click among dozens of models on our website are waiting for you with attractive advantages!

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