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Prefabrication and Modular Construction

The Karmod system provides the solution to housing needs of all kinds through a revolutionary system of ​​prefabrication building in construction modules which represents the future of greater innovation in the world of construction.

Owing to the use of this ​​prefabrication building in construction system, we can guarantee our clients express delivery, cost savings on international exporting and shipping, and minimal installation time to complete the housing, with no need for skilled labour to set it up.

Another advantage to this system is that it allows for these types of buildings to be set up at remote locations that are hard to access.

The solidness of the construction, its high thermal and acoustic insulation, and its compliance with the strictest European building and installation codes guarantee this technical solution.

Even though we can tailor the product to the individual needs of each client without any problem, manufacturing it according to the client’s specifications, our modules have various standard measurements.

Sustainable Prefabrication and Modular Construction

​​Prefabrication building in construction is an economical building system that provides convenience in many aspects. Prefabricated building combines modular construction in a factory setting and prefab building solutions provides modular, portable and modular construction for office medical, government and educational use.

Karmod, which has been producing modern building solutions for 35 years in its high capacity, modern technology system production facilities, is among the most preferred companies in the world in prefabricated building construction. It has delivered its products to more than 120 countries so far. Every year, we make thousands of people homeowners with our prefabricated and steel-built houses. We are happy to take part in all areas of human life with our building solutions in the fields of construction, education and health.

Advantages of choosing prefabrication building in construction

​​Prefabrication building in construction is one of the best alternatives to traditional buildings. So what are the advantages of choosing this system and what are the factors that make this system a good alternative? Since prefabricated buildings are produced in a factory environment, they are among the most efficient building systems with raw material usage density. This is cost effective at first, and quality structures can be built at much lower cost.

Production times are much shorter than for a normal reinforced concrete building construction. Because in traditional systems, many different conditions can affect the construction completion time of the buildings built in the construction site environment. Due to different reasons such as weather conditions, occupational accidents, negativities caused by working personnel, shortage of raw materials, the completion time of the construction may be longer than expected.  If a proper planning is not made, extra labor or raw material costs may occur. This means more than the initial planned cost. In ​​prefabrication building in construction, such problems are almost completely avoided. Computer-aided design and production systems are less likely to encounter annoying surprises, as the margin of error is much less than traditional systems.

Prefabrication of Building Parts and Modular Construction

​​prefabrication construction are one of the areas where ​​prefabrication building in construction is mostly used. ​​prefabrication houses have life-saving features in many places. Emergency housing needs can be met in a very short period of time, especially in urgent housing needs, with fast production, easy transportation and fast installation possibilities.

Prefabricated houses are often preferred in temporary / permanent mass housing built after natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and temporary / permanent camps built after extraordinary situations such as war or migration. As a company that has been in the sector for 36 years, we have contributed to dozens of mass housing projects so far. We expanded our field of activity with different collaborations in the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations. With our principle of being innovative, we always follow the sector closely and strive to work with all our strength to use systems beyond the age. We appeal to every taste and need with dozens of different prefabricated house models we have designed. We have custom designs for every need and taste, from tiny single-storey functional homes to 2-storey luxury villas with terraces.

Benefits of Prefabrication in Construction

The usage area of ​​prefabrication building in construction is very wide. They can be preferred from daily living spaces such as education buildings, health buildings, construction sites, commercial buildings to business life. Prefabricated schools, which have high insulation and can be used in all seasons are very advantageous with their short installation and low costs compared to traditional buildings in rural areas. Prefabricated field hospitals are a rescuer structure in cases where urgent building needs are required and time is normally more critical. Prefabricated structures are the best choice for accommodation units that will be used temporarily in construction sites but must be suitable for all seasons and be economical. For more information, contact Karmod, one of the world leaders in ​​prefabrication building in construction.

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