Karmod shared its success story with university students

Shared its success story with university students

Mr. Mehmet Chankaya, CEO of Karmod and deputy chairman of the board was a guest in Istanbul Maltepe University of Commerce. He shared Karmod’s success stories in the business world with the students of IstanbultMaltepe University of Commerce. The gathering took place at the University Maltepe campus at the “jewellery engineering club” and under the name of “Success Stories in the Business World” the discussion started, where Mr. Mehmet emphasized that success is a regular practice that can be achieved. He said that for companies competing across all sectors the target is no longer the domestic market but global markets. The key to success in the global market is regular corporate work; he added that development and generating innovation can make the main factors of keeping ahead of competition in the global market.

University students and faculty members together with the head of the department attended the panel discussion and Mr. Mehmet Cankaya was presented a plaque to commemorate the day.

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