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Refugee housing

Unfortunately, everything in life may not always go what we want. There are some bad situations that have not changed since the history of humanity, which happen in every age regardless of any variables. Earthquakes, natural disasters, wars… After these extraordinary undesirable situations, thousands of people’s lives change fundamentally. Many people may have to migrate from their city or country to another region. Sometimes they may have to make a life somewhere else temporarily and sometimes permanently. In such cases, refugee housing gains importance.

Refuge housing is mass housing built after unusual circumstances. In these mass housing areas, everything that should be in a living space can be found, from schools to health centers, security to playgrounds. There are several points that make these mass housing different from other housing projects. The construction period of these dwellings must be much shorter than normal mass housing projects. For this reason, modular emergency homes are preferred rather than reinforced concrete structures as the building preference in refugee home.

Since modular disaster relief housing units are produced in a factory environment, they can be produced in very short periods of time. Structures that can accommodate hundreds of people in just weeks can be produced and installed anywhere in the world. Since they are produced with an unwelded system, their establishment is very easy. Modular refugee housing provides convenience in many issues as it does not require many elements required by the construction site environment. Many different building systems can be used in a refugee housing.

Flatpack Emergency Refugee housing

Since the production of modular emergency housing is made in the factory, the environment is not harmed. Large-scale buildings to be built to accommodate hundreds or thousands of people require a very large construction site environment when built with traditional systems. And it can cause noise and visual pollution in the environment for months. The damage to the environment as a structure is also a further disadvantage.

However, when flat pack buildings are used for prefab refugee housing, units produced as demounted pieces in the factory environment are delivered to the installation site. Installation is completed here by expert teams. The installation process is not affected by adverse weather conditions, does not cause you any separate costs and does not harm the environment as much as in reinforced concrete structures.

Prefab Hemes – Host a refugee in your home

Prefabricated buildings are the building systems first used after an earthquake. Buildings that can be produced in very short periods of time have become much more durable with the development of technology and they are used not only in temporary residences but also in permanent residences. It is possible to build living spaces that can be used for many years by building very high quality structures according to the quality of the material. Thanks to their production in a short time, they are very suitable structures for modular emergency shelter. Dozens of Syrian modular refugee camps were built as a result of the wars in the Middle East for years. One of the most preferred building systems in these camps is prefabricated.

Container Buildings and Immigrant and Refugee Housing 

Other preferred structures for Portable refugee housing are container buildings. Container buildings are the structures that are primarily used in the transportation industry to transport products with much less damage, with better quality and safety. With the development of technology over time, they now have a wide range of use from offices to hospitals. A shorter floor may be sufficient for their floors compared to prefabricated buildings. Painted galvanized sheet is generally used on the exterior of the containers. Prefabricated buildings are generally made of concrete. Both building systems are very suitable for container refugee housing.

As Karmod, we have built dozens of refugee camps as a company that has been in the modular buildings sector for 36 years. We worked with different institutions from non-governmental organizations to state institutions in these projects. We are proud to be a globally preferred company in the building sector with our experience and the principle of being innovative. You can contact us for all your building needs.

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