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Remote Workforce Housing

Need a quick, affordable solution for housing workers in a remote location? Remote Workforce Housing Accommodation Camps. Karmod Modular is the market leader in building transportable infrastructure and That’s why so many mining organisations tap into our remote mining camp expertise to deliver accommodation and facilities that will not only attract and Each remote camp, be it for mining, mineral exploration, oil and gas, construction, or for the science and research industries, is unique and TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT: Portable skid camp for an exploration, Workforce Bunkhouses; Kitchens and Dining Rooms; Recreational facilities;

Remote Workforce Housing & Man Camp

Well designed remote workforce housing will significantly increase the productivity of your employees. Many companies have turned to Karmod Turkey for the development and installation of these “man camps”. We have years of experience creating environments in which workers feel close to home. We believe this is integral to the success of any remote operation and have focused our business around creating the best temporary communities available in the industry.

We strive to maintain the highest level of man camp services and stand out from the competition with our level of service and quality. Karmod builds remote workforce housing that will enable your employees to have a balance of work and relaxation. We refuse to cut corners and have experienced many times that morale in the facility is directly correlated to its success. Karmod’s central purpose is to create an environment where our guests feel at home, because at the end of a long work day, that’s what your employees want most.

Best affordable Remote Workforce Housing and Accommodation Camps

Hospitality in the Most Inhospitable Environments
Karmod Remote Workforce Housing Camps & Lodging has become a leader in providing premium, full-service
remote work accommodations and facilities for one simple reason:
We know how hard it is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere,
miles from friends, family and the comforts of home.

We’ve been there. And we get the importance of inviting, relaxing,
high quality lodges that make workers feel more appreciated and
more at home.

Transportable Remote Workers Accommodation Camps 

This facility combines the highest standards in modular versatility with seamless customization, premium features and amenities to provide comfortable and relaxed living
Predominantly private dorms with a small percentage of jack and jill style dorms
All sleeping accommodations were manufactured with enhanced bedroom sound-proofing allowing our guests privacy and an ultimate sleeping environment
Customized management lounge and deck for rest and relaxation
An efficiently engineered solution was created for the client’s multi-tiered site
Additional over-sized windows were installed in the industrial-grade recreation facilities to maximize natural lighting for guests throughout the year

This design provides accommodation which can be rapidly Remote Workforce Housing or built on site and moved to other sites as needed. The interior layout can be manipulated for temporary accommodation or for office work space.
Rapid to construct and durable, this design can be quickly built anywhere in the world using the Karmod System.

The design features:
Durable designs which can be moved off site after construction
Design optimised for limited building material wastage.
Whether you build in the residential or non-residential sector, when you need a dependable construction method that delivers projects on time and within budget, you can’t go past cold formed steel (CFS) construction. Download our detailed eBook to learn more about The Way the World Constructs with Karmod.

Precinct Urban Planning was engaged by Suellen Properties to provide town planning assistance associated with the establishment of a 330 person Accommodation Village in Chinchilla. The project involved the development of accommodation buildings and guest facilities, including kitchen and dining facilities and recreation areas.

Founded in 1986, Karmod offers solutions for portable camps for mining exploration, drilling operations, and seismic surveys. Modular site accommodation is the preferred economic structures for worker camps. Structures consisting of prefabricated and containers in the desired size and quantity are produced in the factory. All parts of the products produced in disassembled form are shipped to the delivery place. It is installed by the manufacturer firm in the dispatched area and shipped ready to use. Prefabricated and container structures are produced in a very short time with a weldless screw system. In this way, they can be assembled in a very short time. When it is desired to expand the camp structures during the project process, Remote Workforce Housing , which consist of structures produced with a welding system, can be easily expanded in a short time.

With our 35 years of industry experience, we produce the most economical and highest quality modular site accommodation structures for exploration camps, cold-weather camps, hot-weather camps projects, and deliver and install them anywhere in the world.

Exploration projects can often be undertaken in remote areas with no road access, from lush forests in humid tropics to hard frozen tundra. No matter how inaccessible your exploration projects are in hot or cold climates, we can design Remote Workforce Housing  for you anywhere in the world for all destinations. Our accommodation and camp specialists for mining camps evaluate your needs in the best way and design and produce the best modular worksite accomodations for you with their superior sector experience and expert building knowledge.

Most Economical and Highest Quality Modular Remote Workforce Housing & Barracks

As Karmod, we offer  Remote Workforce Housing  for all types of commercial mining exploration. For years, the world’s leading mineral exploration and drilling companies, seismic teams and research organizations have preferred Karmod with its quality construction and economic prices. Oil and mining companies often set up camps at high altitudes and latitudes. Due to the climate in these regions, there may be strong winds, low temperatures and heavy snow loads. Karmod Remote Workforce Housing and office buildings with high insulation offer the most useful solution for these conditions.

At the same time, projects that need to be installed at low latitudes and low altitudes may face different environmental challenges such as sandstorms or stifling temperature and humidity. With the technology used from Karmod Remote Workforce Housing products, structures that are resistant to UV rays or sand particles and offer the comfort of a clean and cool environment to their users are produced. Karmod Turkey portable camps produced for exploration projects provide the most suitable use for all climate and regional conditions all over the world.

35 Years Of Oilfield, Ranch, And Temporary Workforce Workforce Housing

Karmod Remote Workforce Housing can include kitchens, dining halls, dormitories, laundries, management and working offices, meeting rooms, recreational facilities and medical facilities. These structures can be expanded and the number of structures can be increased at any time thanks to our camp structures produced with a seamless screw system. When choosing a product for your project, the quality of the product as well as its suitability for your project is a very important factor. As a company that has 36 years of experience and has carried out projects in dozens of sectors all over the world, as well as producing the best quality Remote Workforce Housing structures, we also advise you on the best solution for you with our sector experience. With our high production capacity and the principle of being innovative, we produce buildings that respond immediately to your urgent housing needs in our production facilities, which we always take care to equip them with the latest technology production systems.

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