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We cause deterioration of our environment with what we consume. Our lives are in danger due to rapid population growth, excessive use of natural resources, and the increase in the use of insoluble substances in nature. It threatens our world and future generations. It is also effective to use less quality products that can be produced more quickly for the increasing population in the formation of situations that cause environmental pollution. In the construction sector, prefabricated housing projects are ecologically environmentally friendly structures that can be produced faster but have higher quality.

New residential projects in Istanbul, Turkey

Residential projects, which contain more than one residence together, are not just buildings today. Along with homes, places such as fitness halls, playgrounds, entertainment areas may be needed. It may be necessary to build these structures in a short time, to make additions or even relocation when necessary. In such cases, prefabricated systems are the most useful building solutions.

Long times required to construct reinforced concrete buildings cause big environmental problems, time and cost losses. These problems increase the use of portable buildings with modular structure produced in the factory. With their environmentally friendly structures, they are also ideal for large-scale residential Istanbul and Turkey. Thanks to the developments in the prefabricated industry in recent years, production times have been shortened considerably, and the quality of the houses has increased. The assembly of buildings, which are produced unwelded with modular systems, is also very easy and can be done in a short time.

New construction residential projects in Turkey

One of the situations that cause environmental pollution is factories. Factory waste is one of the biggest factors in increasing environmental pollution. Karmod is an environmentally friendly company. It uses a recyclable system in its production facilities and does not cause harmful waste to the environment. Construction Residential projects are one of the ecologically harmful constructions. For this reason, alternative structures that do not harm the environment are designed and produced.

Prefabricated buildings are ecologically very useful buildings that we can choose in every aspect of our lives. It does not harm the environment while it is being produced, it does not harm the environment while it is being installed or used, and it is highly recyclable structures.

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Karmod is a company established in Turkey, serving in the field of prefabricated technologies for 36 years. It serves all over the world with its products. It is in all areas of life with a wide range of products from modular cabins to construction site structures. You can come across Karmod cabins at a ticket sales point at one end of the world, see Karmod houses as summer houses on the other end, or see that the accommodation units are Karmod branded in a large construction project. It designs and manufactures high quality, long-lasting, durable housing for residential projects.

From the moment you place your order, the production of your prefabricated house starts as soon as possible in our high production capacity facilities. After placing your order for the building model you want, we deliver your home all over the world with our international standard transportation system in just weeks. In the region where we are shipping, we set up your home by our teams and deliver it to you ready for use.

With Karmod prefab houses, besides having a house in a much shorter time than a reinforced concrete building, you can also own a house at much more economical prices. Your dream house doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. You do not have to harm the environment, wait months for construction and spend huge costs for your residential projects.

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