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Sandwich Panel Container House

Karmod is a Turkey-based company with 36 years of industry experience. Since the first day in the sector, we have always been and continue to work by putting customer satisfaction first. We continue to improve our products day by day by following the technology and with the feedback we receive. We provide services in every sector from construction to education with our prefabricated and container structures and cabins. We design and manufacture high quality, useful, comfortable and durable labor camps for projects in remote areas such as oilfield campsmining camps etc. We take part in social responsibility projects all over the world. We are preferred in the commercial buildings of world famous companies and clubs. Karmod sandwich panel container is one of our most preferred products with its superior quality, reasonable price and durability.

Containers are preferred in many areas thanks to their modular structure. We can see them as schools in one place, hospitals in one place, waste storage in one place, house in one place, mass housing unit in one place. Karmod sandwich panel container, which are the choice of the best in the world, are quite different and privileged from similar ones.

High Quality Sandwich Panel Flat Pack Container Houses

With its experience, advanced technology and expert staff, Karmod has designed a new generation of high quality sandwich panel containers that can be installed in just 4 steps, with a short production time and a long service life. The containers, which are completely modern technology products, have 60 mm thick walls and 120 mm roof thickness.

Insulated Sandwich Panels container house construction

Our new generation sandwich panel containers are produced unwelded. Buildings with screwed system are portable. Being unwelded makes them easy to install and move from one place to another. They are covered with sandwich panels from the walls to the roof. Thanks to its very high heat and sound insulation, it offers comfortable work and living spaces to its users even under the most difficult working conditions. One of the most preferred areas is worker camps. The building to be used in these camps must be used in all seasons. They must be protected against the harmful rays of the sun in the heat of summer, and they must be used safely in heavy rain and snow in winter. Karmod’s polyurethane sandwich panel container have all of these features.

At the same time, one of the dangers in these camps is fire. A small fire can damage the entire construction project and cause loss of life and property. For this reason, we use fire-resistant materials in our sandwich panel containers. Almost all of the materials we use are certified products. They are produced with special secure electrical system with cable channels over plaster and PVC doors and windows systems.

Facades and roofs insulated sandwich panels steel containers

One of the privileges Karmod gives to its customers is that it can make special designs and production for each project. Among our products, we are able to size products specifically for your project, as well as standard size products. We can produce sandwich panel containers of different designs and sizes for each structure needed, from a hospital to a worker camp. Thanks to our high-capacity production system, we can deliver and install your products anywhere in the world in a very short time. When you encounter any problems while using our products, you can contact our after-sales support teams who are always available.

Sandwich Panel House Container Homes for sale

  • Wc-shower containers
  • Dormitories
  • Dining halls
  • Offices
  • Waste storages
  • Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

You can contact us for your project in every sector.

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