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Karmod Containers, Sanitary Germany are a global manufacturer of containers, special containers and modular spaces. Whether you want to buy or have a custom-made modular container, we will do it as Karmod. We also offer sanitary container and modular container-based solutions to a wide variety of industries, from construction to the education sector. We are always at your side: Karmod as a container sanitary has a nationwide logistics and service network in Germany. We are present in 132 countries around the world. Together with our logistics partners, we ensure reliable service and timely compliance with delivery dates, even for sanitary containers short-term inquiries.

Sanitary Containers - Fast and Affordable Solutions

These high quality sanitary containers in Germany are a hassle-free solution for construction sites, events and general use. public use. A Sanitary sanitary container is a great solution when you want a cleaner than standard “portable toilet containers” for your event and provides users comfort based on a well-functioning container. This sanitary container is divided into two areas with their own access doors, allowing each facility to be used at different times. Standard equipment, LED lights for quick commissioning, sewerage and water connection on the side of the Sanitary Container, sanitary containers can be transported wherever you want. This sanitary container in Germany will do VIP receptions, gala dinners, world-class entertainment: only the best at world-class events. And this also applies to sanitary facilities. We have designed our premium sanitary containers with attention to detail to meet the most exacting and selective requirements.

Germany's Number One Sanitary Containers

Beautifully coordinated Made of high quality galvanized steel materials, Spacious and stylish interiors have a sense of timeless elegance: tiled floors, luxury toilet and vanity facilities. Halogen lighting lights, elegant background music and many additional extras, elegant atmospheres can be applied. These sanitary containers in Germany are specially designed to meet the needs of women as well as men. 6 lockable toilet bowls, 2 small washbasins, a washbasin with plenty of shelves and a lighted make-up mirror will conquer every woman's heart. Combine these sanitary containers with our full service package for peace of mind. We are happy to do everything from advice and planning to completion. We are also happy to provide toilet attendants to monitor and clean the sanitary containers, as well as necessary toiletries and supplies. So you can relax and give your guests full attention.

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