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Portable cabin (Portable multi-purpose modular cabins) in Saudi Arabia
Karmod is a Portable Cabin Manufacturer in Jeddah offering prefabricated building solution and portable cabin made for different purposes within Saudi Arabia Container, serving in the industry for more than 36 years now. We build portable cabin as per the customer’s requirement and specifications with extra ordinary comfort, flexibility and versatility. Our container house are made in a technical manner as per the requirement which are quickly and easily installed at the site with your particular requirement.

Portable Cabin Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia – Portable Office

Portable cabin can designed & painted with different color options portable cabin can also be manufactured from cladding panels and foam-filled sandwich panels, which are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. High quality portable cabins, Custom container house in saudi arabia, Modular building, Mobile Offices, Labour camps, Prefab Hotel, Villa, Shop, Strict qualityWe are an industry leader in Portable modular buildings of all kind of prefabricated and container modular solutions, depending on your need, that includes worksite labaur camps, dining halls, meeting rooms, mosques, worker accommodations, Toilet & shower units.

We have satisfied clients all over Saudi Arabia, mainly in Riyadh and Jeddah region. We provide portable office solutions and different requirements depending on the client’s requirement inclusive of transportation to designated site all over Saudi Arabia.

Container buildings are used for many different needs from homes to schools. Structures, which are modular in terms of structure, are first designed in computer environment. After being designed, they are manufactured in computer-aided modern production facilities. They are produced in the most error-free way until it reaches the user by passing the controls at many stages of the production processes. Waste of raw materials is minimal because they are produced in this way. Since they are produced in technological production systems, their production times are also very short compared to traditional structures. Saudi Arabia is one of the regions where Karmod, which has 35 years of industry life, delivers the most products and completes different projects. For example, Karmod opened the biggest showroom of the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. We are preferred for Saudi arabia containerOffice cabins in Saudi Arabia, hospitals in Saudi Arabia, labor camps in Saudi Arabia and more.

Our new generation containers, which enable a new era in container technology, provide convenience in many aspects. First of all, in addition to being a great alternative to traditional buildings in terms of production speed, they also stand out among modular structures. Production speed that is one of the most important factors in building and company preference, enables Karmod and its products to be used in dozens of areas.

Folding Container House for Labor Camp in Saudi Arabia

One of the most preferred areas for containers is permanent and temporary living spaces. Housing containers are widely preferred in mass housing projects established after wars, mass housing projects established after natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods, and worker camps in construction projects in remote areas.

As Karmod, we can design and manufacture containers in standard plans or in customized sizes. If your urgent housing needs are in question, we can produce living spaces where hundreds of people can be accommodated in just weeks from the moment you decide on the dimensions you want. Even if they will only be used for certain periods, they offer a problem-free use in all conditions with their durable structure. As they are portable, they can be easily moved to another place after one project to be used in another project. For portable container in Saudi Arabia, prefer Karmod products, and  do not regret from an economic or structural point of view.

Saudi arabia container house buildings

We have contributed to many projects with our modular products and completed many projects in Saudi Arabia. One of them is the Meshfa Health Center, which we established in the Al-Sharkiya region. We used a new generation container model in the polyclinic, where there are 21 examination rooms.

Our products, which offer high production speed, ease of installation and ease of use, will be used for years in the health center where thousands of people are examined and treated.

One of the biggest advantages of Karmod new generation containers preferred for Saudi arabia container buildings is easy installation. We can build each of our structures in just four steps. Being unwelded provides great convenience during installation. In addition to these, they can be easily expanded when it needs to be expanded during use.

We use sandwich panels in our containers. Our roof thickness is 125 mm and our wall thickness is 50 mm. Thanks to their ideal thickness, a great deal of energy costs are saved.

One of the projects we have completed in Saudi Arabia is the worker camp project in Tureyf. The structures are designed for the buildings where the workers of the phosphate mine project will be accommodated. The buildings have a total size of 5 thousand 380 square meters. We completed the living areas where hundreds of workers will be accommodated in just 75 days. The buildings contain everything from mosques to offices, laboratories to warehouses.

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