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Security booths

Karmod’s Security booths are portable, affordable, customizable and secure. We have been the leader in prefabricated security guard buildings since 1986.
Our portable guard booths will defend your security guards from rain, snow, and Karmod’s pre-assembled guard booths are used to protect individuals and employees at government and military installations, airports, theme parks, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, border crossings, fueling stations, and many other applications. Security guard booths. Karmod provides the safest and most secure security booths, gatehouses, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security checkpoints. Security booths are competitively priced and available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations

Portable and Prefab Security Guard Booths

We are proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of security structures in the international arena, as one of the leading companies in the field that has been producing multi-purpose structures for different sectors since 1986. Security has always been one of the most basic needs of human beings. One of the requirements of the modern age is different security methods developed for each sector and field. Security booths, one of them, are one of the preferred security methods in many different areas.

From security booths used in city centers, municipal entrances, public areas, picnic areas, apartment complexes to armored security booths used at the border, Karmod produces prefabricated security guard booths, security guard booths, security booths suppliers, portable security booths, guard booths. As one of the security booths manufacturers, we produce durable and economical cabins with long-lasting aesthetic design.

Fully Equipped Portable Security Booths

We produce a wide variety of security booths that can meet the needs of almost any security application. With modular production systems, we remove all obstacles caused by traditional structures. Our pre-engineered designs are a great alternative to traditionally built security booths, because our products, which can be produced even on the day you order, are delivered anywhere in the world within a very short time from the moment you order. We can produce our products, which we sell in stock, in any size and number you want, and we can install them anywhere you want.

Our booths are produced with special Karmod prefab guard booth technology. As Karmod, all of our production facilities are equipped with innovative and modern production technologies. You can safely use our cabins that we produce for every security need for many years. Our durable security booths are also human health friendly. Our structures, which offer very useful areas for security, also provide an ergonomic working area for the staff who will work. The special paint technology we use is the paint system used in the automotive industry. The formation of bad odors is prevented and offers a much more sterile and healthy environment than ordinary cabinets. With its superior paint technology, you can use our security booths for long periods without requiring maintenance costs.

Minimize Your Damage To The Environment With Karmod Security Booths

As Karmod, we produce our buildings with the principle of being green friendly. While we care about your safety, we aim to produce environmentally friendly structures by considering our future and our environment. For this reason, all of our buildings are recyclable, human health and environmentally friendly structures.

Karmod Security Booths Are In Anywhere That Require Security

One of the best portable security guard booth manufacturers Karmod produces the safest security booths, protection shelters, border control cabins, security checkpoints and gun watch towers for government, private sector, airports and military facilities everywhere. As Karmod, which exports security cabinets to 130 countries of the world, we are pleased to present our models to your liking. Please take a few minutes to review our security booths products on our website to see some of the different booths we have produced for you, our precious customers. If you see a design you like, let us know, wherever you are in the world, we will deliver the security point you want, set it up for you and deliver it ready to use.

Quality, GRP Built Security Booths

Our security booths we produce with fiberglass (GRP) system are very durable and useful. Among our security booths models, we have models with mobile toilet units that can be entered through a separate door. The mobile toilet unit can be prepared with a mobile toilet or Turkey style unit. Also we produce security booths with the optionally disabled toilet unit plan.

We attach great importance to aesthetics in our product designs produced for safety purposes. All of our cabins are carefully designed and manufactured with our drawings in harmony with the city architecture. Our products we deliver on-site, are produced in such a way that electrical and water installations are connected to the mains and can be used immediately.

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