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Security Cabins 

Karmod’s pre-assembled security cabins are used to protect individuals and employees at government and military installations, airports, theme parks, stadiums, security cabin are typically just larger versions of guard booths. They are often designed to cabin more than one security professional and often feature internal rooms. Quality modular security cabin shipped to you at affordable prices!
Karmod company, which transports its structures to all parts of the world and is the leader in its field, produces long-lasting cabins that meet the security needs all over the world with the security cabins it produces. Multi-purpose modular buildings with fast production and easy installation possibilities are preferred in many areas with their advantages. Especially, the buildings used in labor camps and mass housing projects are the most preferred with their portable features. Disassembled structures are the perfect solution especially for urgent needs.

Security Guard Cabin Manufacturer

Karmod established in 1986, it is a portable security cabin technology company based in Turkey. The product range is wide, from modular cabins to prefabricated houses and Karmod produces solutions for every need In addition to its construction quality, it also provides consultancy to the projects it takes place with its sector experience and offers the best quality and most suitable solution to its customers.

When choosing security cabins suppliers, not only the cabin quality but also the company’s solution skills and experience are crucial. Thanks to the development of technology, security cabins can be produced in many different structures, in many different sizes and shapes. Choose Karmod, who cares about your budget as much as its own, to choose the most economically and structurally suitable for you among them. Do not regret it!

Portable Security Guard Cabins For Sale

Portable Security cabin is a necessity in all areas. For example, security is one of the most important issues in a complex with dozens of apartments. In the worker camps established in remote areas, the need for security is one of the most important needs of camp structures. Security cabins are also preferred at the entrances of different public and private buildings in city centers. The quality of security cabins used 24/7 is very important for both security needs and security personnel. As Karmod, we attach great importance to the fact that our cabins, which are used to meet one of our most basic human needs, are suitable for human health.

We produce our buildings with a long life, that can be used in all conditions and seasons. With the special paint technology we use in production, we minimize the cabin maintenance costs and save your budget. We ensure that security personnel working with our ergonomic structures work in a comfortable working environment. We manufacture frpsecurity cabins from 150×150 cm to 270×750 cm in size to suit every area and need.

We offer different building alternatives to our valued customers with our superior cabin technology. We produce the most suitable security cabin for you with our fiberglass cabins, precast cabins, sandwich panel cabins, metropolitan cabins. You can choose the most suitable one for you among our portable cabins. While producing our buildings, we care about their designs as much as their quality. Being aware that each area has different aesthetics, we pay attention to producing structures that are suitable for the aesthetic texture of the area to be used and that give a beautiful visuality to the environment. Our aesthetically designed structures, which have a visually beautiful appearance, adapt to the aesthetic texture of the areas you prefer.

Prefab Security Cabin With Toilet Block

Karmod produces security cabins to the whole world. Our portable cabins are suitable for all temporary and permanent uses. When used for workarounds, you can keep it for use in another project and easily move it to another area whenever you want. In our security cabins, glass shutter and sunshade with shock absorber can be installed upon request. Electricity and lighting fixtures are shipped ready to use. Fuse box and plug are available. For site security cabin uk, you can visit our website and contact us for economical security cabins that are useful in all seasons and save you energy costs with high insulation. Karmod produces security cabins manufacturers, Portable security guard cabin, Prefab site security cabins suppliers, UAE, Qatar, Al Sharjah, Ireland Abu dhabi.

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