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Karmod Shelters manufactures modular shelter units to provide efficient, effective and reliable structures for disaster relief housing, testing facilities. Temporary flat pack shelters for a more dignified life in displacement. When disaster strikes, there’s no time to wait for the delivery of large, bulky portable housing units. There’s also no point in delivering hundreds of units that can’t properly be stored shelter until they’re required – as has been the case in the past. An ideal product for emergency situations in remote locations, refugee resettlement, natural disasters, Emergency Shelters and armed conflicts. We design and personalize the interior space and its distribution, tailoring our work to each client’s needs. Express assembly and easy international shipping.

Homeless Shelters – Emergency and Disaster Shelters

Being one of the most preferred companies of the prefabricated homeless shelter industry worldwide, Karmod carries its products all over the world with its unique production technology and production quality. Our company, which hosts thousands of people with its houses at international standards, contributes to many sectors with its modular structures. With its emergency building shelter solutions, it produces high quality and human health-friendly structures for every place that requires urgent housing. It provides trouble-free use with long-lasting structures for temporary solutions. With its quality structures with low maintenance costs, it provides convenience while providing an economical homeless shelters owner or commercial buildings even in permanent solutions. One of our structures we bring to the world is the sheltersthat we specially designed and produced for the increasing need for security.

With our portable shelter solutions, we produce temporary and permanent building solutions for any place that requires security. We have custom modular sheltersfor all kinds of security needs, from areas requiring average security to areas requiring high security in the military sector. For your employees, Shelter structures that are both environmentally friendly and human health friendly provide high security. With the quality automotive technology paint system used in their buildings, it preserves the long-term aesthetic design, does not require maintenance for a long time and the formation of bad odors is prevented. While providing a high shelters working environment, it also provides a sterile working environment.

Help A Homeless Person – Giving Shelter and Hope

Speed ​​is indispensable in our age. The pace is decisive in every shelter subject. We want to eat fast, walk fast, move fast. When we order a product, we want it to arrive fast. When choosing a company in any field, we do not decide without considering the delivery time. Even if the product is of good quality, we do not want to choose the company we have problems with during the delivery time. The same criterion applies to the construction shelter industry. Reinforced concrete structures are not preferred as much as they used to be due to their long construction periods. Demounted prefabricated and container shelter structures produced as an alternative to traditional structures are preferred in many areas with rapid production and rapid assembly. Buildings that offer portable shelter solutions can easily be moved from one place to another with their portable structures in temporary solutions.

Emergency Housing and Shelters for the Homeless

Karmod produces modular shelters, shelters and emergency housing, red cross shelters, tent shelters, outdoor shelters, emergency shelters, military shelters, army technology, disaster shelters. With our innovative modular system, we produce solutions for all your needs in the shortest time possible. In addition to our products, we work with the industry’s most experienced designer, manufacturing and sales teams to ensure the product is built correctly and shipped on time. You can see the application photos of our modular systems, prefabricated shelter buildings and modular shelter systems on our website. An important component of Karmod’s composite panels is its unique thermoplastic fiber reinforced composite coating material. This coating, which is owned and produced exclusively for Karmod, forms the outer layer of the panels and adds unmatched durability and strength to these lightweight panels. It ensures that the bonds between specially produced fibers and Emergency Shelter material are almost impenetrable. Fiberglass reinforced polyester composite exterior material, made of impact-resistant, waterproof and 100% recyclable materials, adds incredible strength to Karmod shelters panels.

Family Emergency Shelter and Emergency Housing Solutions – Homeless

Ensure your life safety with our armored Emergency Shelters produced with a high security system. Our armored cabins, which are specially designed for situations that require high level security measures such as war and terror, can be used in areas for defense, counter-attack, observation and reconnaissance purposes. It has the B7 armor standard.

In our special products, besides the high security solution, the comfort of your personnel is also considered. An environment where the security personnel who will work in the building will feel safe 24/7 is aimed.

Air-raid shelter.
Animal shelter.
Bivouac shelter.
Blast shelter.
Bus shelter.
Emergency shelter.
Fallout shelter.
Homeless shelter.

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