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Site office containers 

Probably, when site office container buildings are designed for Modular container industry, noone had thought that they will be used for tens of purposes like accommodation, security, housing, summer house and more… When they are designed first, they were preferred for better container terms. They were used to transport products on long journeys without damage or with less damage. By the time of progress, their design was developed. They were started to use as house (summer purposes or daily living areas), accommodation containers, site office containers, Portable security containers, waste containers, medical containers…

Portable Storage and Mobile Site Office Containers

Site office containers can get you home owner in only one day. Site office containers are pre-fabricated  buildings. Their preproductions are completed in a factory. They are delivered to the place that the customer wants as modules and then they are installed on site by the manufacturer company. Their sizes can be customized. Like any reinforced concrete buildings, they can have one, two or more rooms, they can be one storey or two storey. Their insulation is very good. The panels they have provide high insulation performance in every season conditions. They are more economic than reinforced Site Office Containers buildings.

Office Containers for Construction Sites

The construction projects that are carried out at remote areas have different conditions than projects carried out in nearby areas. For projects carried out in nearby areas, so many things are easier. If there is a urgent building need or other needs, they can be provided in a short time and delivery does not last for a long time. But for the projects that are carried out at remote areas, urgent needs can not be met in a short time. Because of that, the buildings that will be used in this kind of projects should be very durable, long-lasting, portable, high-insulated and of course also economic. Karmod modular site office containers have all those important features.

On-site Ground Level Office Containers

Our site office containers offer comfortable living and working areas to their users. We design and produce ergonomic containers for construction sites. And all of our construction site buildings are all inclusive. From the dormitories to dining halls, wc and showers to modular Site Office Containers , all building needs are met with our buildings. Because they are portable, you can move them easily to another place in construction site area. If you want we can fix them on the ground. They have excellent snow load and wind speed values. They are convenient to be used in every seasons and every climatic conditions. Also you can use these containers that are used for construction sites for work offices too.

Mobile Construction Site Office Container Buildings

Prefab Site Office Containers buildings are the products of our future with their enviromentally friendly and ergonomic structure, affordable economic prices, fast production and fast installation etc. You can have a house in only a week at economic prices and also with the aesthetic design of your dreams. You can have a portable work office for your place of business. Site Office Container buildings like shower, wc or security provide comfortable and aesthetic places especially in public areas. You can see a prefab taxi rank in the middle of a city. You can see portable wc buildings in picnic areas, masjids… You can see prefab ticket offices at the entrance of an event. You can see a Site Office Containers at the entrance of a car park, building complex, place of workings or construction sites.

Karmod is a company having more than 36 years experience in prefab building technologies. For your any prefab Site Office Containers building needs, you should never decide without looking Karmod products. From site office containers to prefab modular buildings, there are tens of products that are suitable for both your budget and need.

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