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Site offices 

The mobile space solutions from Karmod provide you with site office space that is individual and customised to your needs within a very short time. Site Offices extensions on conventional buildings are also possible with the flexible panel system. You specify the required floor space and layout, we deliver the right space solution. As a huge family, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies merges innovation with practicality to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction. For more than 35 years, we have contributed a lot in the constant development of prefabricated site office buildings around the world. With our expert research and development team, we have successfully kept up the pace with modern technologies and implemented them in our products. From mobile toilets and shower containers to portable site office buildings and site office and accommodation services, all of our modular site office  buildings are designed to be extra durable, portable, practical, configurable and cost-effective.

Portable site offices – For every construction site

Meaning, they can withstand most harsh environments and become extra durable for the most dangerous zones, they can be moved from one place to another with or without the need of deinstallation and have their entirety customized on demand while still being considerably affordable compared to other prefabricated site office buildings and permanent buildings. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have helped realizing countless large-scale projects and operations with our practical modular site office buildings.

We believe that one of the core reasons of our global success is the mutual respect we have between our clients and our constant search for improvement. We attach great importance to not causing any kind of disturbance around us during our operations and take the necessary precautions before starting to work. We respect all religions, communities, ideas, traditions, environment and do anything we can to improve the life of our customers. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we support all of our products during their lifetime and promote innovation among our workplace to increase the efficiency of our work and improve our way of service. Believing in cooperation and innovation since 1986, we aim to maintain our place at the top by providing what you want.

Increasing Productivity With Karmod Construction Site Offices

Construction site offices are buildings built to provide accommodation for their principal managers. Projects will require offices to provide space for various meetings and projects on site documentation. The facilities, which can also be used for storage purposes, are also available in different versions in traditional style construction sites. Mobile site offices have many products in large and different shapes. Its design varies according to the industry in which it will be used. Every project is different and has different needs. Construction site offices are specially designed for each project, even each office. Each project will have different requirements. In large projects, different offices may be needed for different staff groups. We recommend that you contact us about the office you need.

Modular Site Office Container Manufacturer

Site offices are usually temporary in nature, so they will only be there as long as the project is running. Generally, portable site offices and  modular site office buildings can be referred to by different names. These buildings are standard sizes and have almost any accommodation configuration required. It has all the features that a facility needs in terms of design. It can be located in reception areas, offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, toilets and warehouses. The units inside are determined according to your wishes.

Portable sheds offer a long-term user experience as they have a durable and long-lasting structure. Even if projects are generally temporary, it is important that modular buildings have a long life. When your project is finished, you can move it anywhere you want for another project and use it again in that area. If the projects don’t have the same features, you don’t have to worry. Thanks to its flexible structure, site office cabins can be modified as you wish or adapted to other buildings. After receiving it, you can make the changes you want. Contact us to see our site office containersfor sale.

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