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Small prefab cabins 

Small prefab cabins are a new trend in housing options. Our cabins, which provide a useful area even for areas smaller than 50 square meters, can be used in all areas and can be preferred for different purposes. From our website you can find wide range of small prefab cabins sizes and plans ranging from 1.5 x1.5m to 3.9 x12.3m.

Likewise, small modular cabins are the ideal solution for housing needs in narrow spaces. A small chalet away from the city helps you take all your tiredness on weekends. Also, you don’t need to spend tons of money for it! With the difference of Karmod, small modular cabins are very useful and economical. All our prefab small homes products can be produced in the design and plan you want. Bathroom, kitchen or other partitions can be added to your cabins and homes.

Our products have very good insulation in cold or hot climates with their grp system walls and panels. They provide long-lasting use with their non-decay feature. All installations are made in our buildings and in models with WC, clean and waste water installations are offered for sale together with their armatures.

Karmod Small Prefab Cabins Meet International Quality Standards!

Small Modular Prefab Cabins – Factory Direct – Pre Built Cabin

We produce our disassembled cabins at international quality standards, and we work hard to prevent you from encountering bad surprises later on. If you want, we can supply furniture or different materials for our products that we deliver ready-to-use. All our products are guaranteed. For 36 years, we have been trying to produce all our products with the principle of high quality and superior service. As the product of these studies, Karmod small prefab cabins and small modular cabins  have been and continue to be preferred in tens of countries of the world.

Modern Small Prefab Cabins That Look Stunning 2022 Edition

With our small prefab cabins, we offer alternative indoor solutions in sizes starting from three square meters to 50 square meters. Our buildings, which address a large number of indoor needs including housing, are used for different purposes in different countries. Our small prefab cabins, which can be preferred for building needs such as sales kiosks, offices and for security, have a wide variety of uses as offices in Russia, as a residence in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as a market place in Sudan, as a mining camp worker construction site in Eritrea, Senegal and Mozambique. As police security points in Nigeria, Benin and Mozambique, as a farmhouse in Australia, as a library in Colombia, as a greengrocer in Kuwait.

For example, Karmod perfect small prefab cabins were preferred in the security and ticket sales booths of the Old Trafford Stadium of the British giant Manchester United team, one of the leading sports clubs of the world, for their fast production, easy installation and economical price advantages.

Most Economical And Comfortable House Model: Prefab Small Cabins

Prefabricated buildings are now in every aspect of our lives! Among these areas, one of the most preferred shapes is living spaces. Small prefab cabins can be used as a summer house, as small modular log cabins, as a chalet, as a highland house, as a holiday house or as a daily living space. Small prefab and modular cabins can offer you and your family comfortable and useful living spaces even in very narrow lands.

Prefab Tiny Cabins You Can Buy Right Now

As a company that has proven its quality by carrying its products all over the world among small cabin builders, we have considered everything necessary for your comfort and designed dozens of prefab houses for you. You can find dozens of specially designed models from single-storey small prefab cabins to multi-storey luxury prefab houses on our website.  For detailed information about small prefab cabins and small modular cabins, you can contact us at our telephone numbers and e-mail address for pricing and order process.

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