1884 Villa Housing Complex and Social Facilities – Baghdad, Iraq

Social Housing Projects IRAQ

Founded in 1986, Karmod adds a new one to its success every year. The company, which is the leader in prefabricated building technology, carries its quality to every corner of the world through its products and continues to make the architecture and quality of the future more accessible beyond the age. One of these projects has been completed in Iraq. Iraq is a region where the effects of the halo have been felt despite the years since the war. Areas that have been destroyed by war for many years are being rebuilt. One of the most used methods in the reconstruction period is prefabricated homes and mass social housing facility projects.

Social housing project in Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan)

Social housing projects are very advantageous projects in areas that are rebuilt after war or natural disasters or in times that require temporary accommodation. Modular structures with the advantages of fast production and rapid installation stand out in these projects. Low cost prefab villa housing complex of Karmod are being used in reconstruction of Iraq baghdad. The first phase consists of 400 prefabricated villa housing residential buildings each with four apartments. Total building area of ​​the first phase of the residential housing project is 70,000m² in addition to 15,000m² of social facilities, which includes a school, hospital, mosque, shopping center and police station.

World’s Most Impressive Social Housing Project

Karmod products are practical, useful, economical and comfortable structures preferred all over the world. Thanks to their modularity, products that can be produced in a very short time are delivered to all parts of the world in a very short time and installed by Karmod teams.

Social Housing architecture and design

Prefabricated social housing, which are preferred worldwide and the best alternative to traditional methods, are used in dozens of areas. Villa complex projects, social housing projects, summer houses, winter houses, chalets, construction site houses, accommodation units in different sectors are just some of the usage areas of these houses.

Karmod always follows the sector and technological developments closely with the principle of being innovative, and its products are always one step ahead of the age. Prefabricated homes are much more economical, useful and aesthetic appearance than ordinary prefabricated homes. Karmod prefabricated homes are among the most preferred houses in the world with their excellent snow load and wind speed values, high insulation values, quality certified materials. Before you decide on your dream house, take a look at Karmod prefabricated house models, maybe your dream is hidden there!

World’s 1 Most Successful Public Housing Projects

Public Housing Projects, which are widely used in the transportation sector and firstly ensure that products are transported undamaged, are preferred in dozens of areas from homes to offices, hospitals to schools today. Thanks to its new generation container technology, Karmod installs the container structures it carries all over the world in just 4 stages. Karmod containers, which can be customized for each area, whether in school buildings, construction site accommodation units or field hospitals, have dozens of references.

Examples of successful affordable social housing around the world

The portability properties of the buildings have gained more importance in the modern age we live in. There is much more need for temporary building solutions today. Portable structures are needed for distribution of promotional brochures in one organization, as a showroom in another organization, as a WC solution in another organization, as sales offices in different areas, as temporary or permanent security offices in areas requiring security. Karmod modular cabins are the best for portable construction needs! Smell-free, sterile, environmentally friendly structures are also very attractive with their economical prices. Among the cabin products, there are cabins that you can move even manually.

You can contact Karmod for all your building needs in Iraq, Baghdad, Basrah affordable steel frame homes and anywhere in the world.

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