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Leading Solar Powered Kiosk Manufacturer : Karmod Solar Kiosk Technologies bring new meanings to the understanding of mobileSolar kiosk Solutions. With our special latest technology process of producing prefabricated panels for our products, we combine elegancy with practicality. Our expert research and development team allows us to develop as a family. Especially in these times where technology advances each day, we are aware that the demand for latest technology practical buildings advances too. That is why ,as Karmod Solar Kiosk Technologies, we work hard an efficient to provide the service you deserve.

Mobile Solar Kiosk solutions for frontier markets

Our products are not only elegant and practical, but also portable and durable too. No matter the condition of the place and the weather, they can be moved, customized and withstand in the hardest of weathers and natural or other disasters with ease. From portable Solar Kiosks and mobile Solar Kiosks to prefabricated Solar Kiosks, Karmod Solar Kiosk Technologies offer turnkey solutions to your accommodation and/or other needs. Needless to say, when working on a large scale project or operation, we are aware of the frustration it can cause both in financial and work-wise means.

That is why we make the most practical, cost-effective and comfortable Solar kiosk kenya Solutions available for your likings. You can evade start-up costs and the expenses you can have in the middle of the project and maintain a satisfied workforce with our services. We also recommend trying our portable solar kiosksSolar containersSolar cabins and prefab solar kiosks along with your main need for you to reach maximum efficiency so you can focus on what is the most important; working on your project. We love what we do and we promise to do more and remain to be the best in this industry.

Avoid Costly Expenses With Karmod Mobile Solar Kiosks

Mobile Solar kiosk kenya Solutions is a mobile station using solar energy. Mobile stations, which can be used for different purposes according to the needs, are widely used for charging purposes. Recently, it has been used as an internet point. Although electricity is spread all over the world, there are still regions that cannot reach it. Even if there is electricity in the centers, electrical installation is required to transport them to remote areas. Electrical installation requires skilled labor. The companies that will manage the projects and the initiatives in this field have increased promising levels in recent years. Stable government policies have supported investments in the delivery of electricity to each region.

Mobile solar kiosk kenya technology is a practical solution produced to fill the gap between regions with and without electricity, especially Africa. Mobile solar kiosk stations provide a clean and quality energy source for rural and urban areas. Its use as a charger is also important in terms of sociological development in the region. Cell phones don’t just encourage communication. Many services, from social environments to mobile payment systems, are provided by mobile phones.

Solar kiosk design and solar kiosk price

People with limited access to electricity need to travel a long distance to charge, even if they have a phone. It enables mobile stations to solve all these problems. Since it works with solar energy, electrical installation is required, and it can be charged by itself. It can be moved to the desired location and can be used by more than one person. At the same time, mobile solar kiosks can be a solution in newly established facilities that do not have electrical installations.

Medical camps and refugee camps are examples of this category. Refugee camps are large complexes and require different services. Schools, small hospitals, dining halls are indispensable for refugee camps. powered solar kiosk technology is preferred because there is no electricity in the camps or because mobile stations are much more useful.

Solar Kiosks Help Light up Rural Kenya

Karmod modular Solar kiosk Solutions designs, develops, deploys and – together with our partners – operates turnkey solar solutions and business models for off-grid frontier markets worldwide.

Since 1986, Karmod modular Solar kiosks deployed over 250 solar powered kiosks (E-HUBBs) in frontier markets. Smart Solar kiosk led operations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana, Burundi, Nigeria,  Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Jordan, and Bangladesh. In total, Solarkiosk employed hundreds and served millions with solar products, solutions and services.

Our goal is to enable and empower rural communities worldwide. Our success is based on the award-winning E-HUBB, a multi-functional solar powered “business-in-a-box”. It can provide energy and connectivity for productive use powering mini-clinics, schools, offering water purification, internet cafés and a constant supply of electricity to local entrepreneurs acting as a B2B mini-grid.

Smart Solar Kiosk – Burundi and Rwanda

Since 2015, Karmod Modular Solar kiosk Solutions continues and expands the Modular Solar kiosk legacy with paramount activities as a trading platform, a solar system integrator, a service provider and an incubator.

Karmod modular Solar kiosks developed solutions for the humanitarian sector, mainly solar powered medical clinics and schools in refugee camps. Solarkiosk worked with partners such as ABInBev, The Coca-Cola Company, MunichRe, Total, Siemens, Ericsson in incubating and piloting sustainable business solutions in frontier markets.

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