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Staff Accommodation

We understand that there is surge in demand to keep the staff around the site as their need has increased with growth in construction industry, thus we are offering Staff Hutment. We find their usage has increased and insulated prefab staff worker hutment has been seen in various construction sites. We are determined to provide turkey solution including all the requirements after the plinth completion to the final ready to move in Staff accommodation building including the electrical fittings, sanitary fittings, furniture and bunk beds. Modules are factory finished. All bathroom and kitchen fittings are installed and ready for immediate use. Designed and engineered for permanent or temporary installation, modular buildings are a fast, transportable solution for workers staff accommodation, hotels and housing.

Prefabricated staff accommodation complex

With the dedication of improving the idea of modular staff accommodation complex, Karmod Staff accommodation building Technologies has put countless practical modular solutions on the market for your likings. For more than 36 years, we have helped realizing many projects simultaneously. Thanks to the latest technologies we use throughout the process of prefabricated panels production, our prefabricated buildings become practical, portable, durable, cost-efficient, and configurable. Meaning, they are able to be moved from one place to another with ease, can withstand harshest of environments, can have their entire interior or exterior customized with ease and have a reasonable price while having all of these features. From affordable prefab housing services and portable staff accommodation services to modular office buildings and container restaurants, all of our services contain the core elements of a prefabricated building must have but designed to offer much more.

Modular portable buildings for staff camp accommodation

As Karmod Staff accommodation building Technologies, we are specialized in providing staff camp accommodation and construction site utilities such as catering services and prefab WC’s. We believe that keeping up the pace with modern technologies, implementing them in our works and maintaining mutual respect between our customers are what made us thrive in this industry. We also promote innovation and practicality among our workspace to develop further and improve our services. Considering all humane and environmental measures where our work is placed, we take precautions and work carefully even the work we are doing is as simple as installing a cabin to cause no disturbance around our surroundings. We respect all traditions, religions, ideas, communities and do our work in line with this understanding. As Karmod Staff accommodation building Technologies, we aim to reach maximum customer satisfaction and improve our services further to provide cost-efficient and high quality accommodation services to the world.

Efficiency Meets with Affordability in Karmod Staff Accommodation Services

Staff Accommodation is the spaces provided by the employers for the accommodation of the staff. The area where the staff is accommodated may have different features according to the needs. It is not possible for workers to go home every day in remote areas. On-site accommodation of workers in these areas is of critical importance for the project. Traditional-style worker accommodation facilities are available in permanent projects such as mines, gas industry projects and oil refineries. However, for temporary projects, building traditional style facilities is not an ideal solution. There are multiple reasons for this situation. First of all, the construction of traditional style buildings takes a long time. The long construction period of the labor camps needed before the project starts will negatively affect the efficiency of the project. The number of workers with the capacity to set up camp indicates the number of buildings that need to be built. Large numbers of buildings take a long time to build and are costly. Another problem is that it is not possible to move traditional style buildings for temporary projects after the project is over. For permanent projects, the difficulty of maintaining and renovating traditional style buildings in staff labor camps is one of the problems.

Site Accommodation Container Increases Labor Productivity

Prefabricated staff accommodation camp is the ideal solution for work areas in remote areas. It provides safe and comfortable accommodation of the staff. Labor housing and building a modular project is low cost and easy to build. Before starting your project, you can easily obtain and install them on site. You can order accommodation containers in any number and design you want. Prefabricated accommodation camps provide a comfortable accommodation experience for your staff. Thanks to the units inside, workers feel at home. Thanks to the increase in productivity in the workforce, the efficiency of your project also increases.

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