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Steel Frame House

Karmod Structure designs and delivers a high-performance building system that is used to build healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient homes. In the world, ranking highest in the prefabricated steel buildings industry. Custom metal building homes & Karmod Steel Frame House, packages to suit every budget. Discover the benefits of constructing your next home with steel. Steel was the solution then, and today, steel continues to be the best alternative for high-quality yet low-cost residential building projects. In fact steel homes are safer during earthquakes and can be designed to resist winds of up to 110 mph. For quality steel frame house price with modern designs at unparalleled prices, look no further than Karmod. Having over 36 years of experience in this industry, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies merges innovation with beauty and design latest technology products that are made to help you increase your accommodation quality and maintaining projects more efficiently.

Steel Frame Houses Design – Certified & Affordable

The idea of having a prefabricated steel building instead of a permanent one was not so popular in older times. However, with the development of technology influencing modular container buildings and prefabricated constructions greatly, the demand for acquiring prefabricated buildings has developed with it. From Steel Frame House that housed for many families and prefabricated villages filled with communities to guard shacks and office containers that helped realizing projects, they all gone through various developments through time and got perfected for their purpose. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we wanted to offer much more than that.

Karmod Metal Homes, Worldwide Steel Frame Houses

We wanted to provide the best affordable Steel Frame House in the market using the latest technology that this era has to offer and have our customers satisfied with what we designed and we have been succeeding to do so for more than 36 years. As Karmod Steel Frame House Technologies, we take precautions before working on our project.

Even when doing a little operation such as installing a small kiosk, we make sure to not disturb our surroundings while working. We maintain the mutual respect between our customers and respect to all communities, ideas and traditions where our work is placed. In our workplace, we promote new ideas and innovative designs to not miss out a chance to expand further and improve our way of service. We make sure to implement latest technologies and innovative designs in our projects to keep up with the pace of constant development of technology so we can provide more high quality, practical and affordable products for your needs.

Steel Frame Houses Construction – Easy to use, Economical

Steel Frame House is a construction technique of buildings made from cold formed steel units. Steel profiles create a solid structure as the foundation for the floor, wall and roof. After the frames are installed, the building, whose other parts are already ready, can be completed easily. All the units required of the steel frame construction method are durable and easy to transport and assembly thanks to its light weight. It is also one of the rare construction techniques that offers durability and lightness. While accelerating the construction process, it also offers a reliable and sustainable user experience. It has a very flexible structure in terms of design.

Metallic Structure Houses, Designs, Plans and Pictures

Thanks to its feature that can be adjusted to the desired dimensions, it can be used in industrial and commercial projects. Steel frames are adjusted to the dimensions you want before they are delivered. The steel frame feature in Steel Frame House has significantly increased the durability of the buildings. It has made prefabricated steel buildings, which are thought to be unable to compete with traditional buildings, more advantageous than traditional buildings. The steel frame feature did not affect the portability of modular buildings.

Thanks to its lightness, it can be easily moved to the desired location when necessary. It is always possible to build a steel-framed house. Thanks to its easy installation, it is completed in a fast time and is not affected by seasonal conditions. Although the parts of the house are designed in the factory, it is possible to shape the design to your needs. We work with you throughout the whole process and care about your ideas. Karmod steel frame house offers you the best value in new housing. Available in a wide variety of sizes, Explore the elements of our steel-framed homes and see the many choices available to you.

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