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Steel frame house South Africa 

Excellent service and quality across the prefabricated structural steel market. Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Housing Steel Structures specialists. Building Relationships. Since 1992. Karmod Structures build A-frame / steel frame houses in South Africa – get a quote today from the leading steel structure company. Design, fabrication and installation of steel structures across Africa.
Steel is strong and durable, making it ideal for residential steel structures. Quicker completion: When choosing to build a steel frame home / Steel frame house in South Africa, the project will be completed much quicker than a brick and mortar home.

Cost of steel frame house South Africa

Karmod Choose light steel frame houses construction system where quality and building performance are more important factors than low cost for superior housing projects, cost effective private homes and difficult access locations where off site manufacture is desirable…

Karmod, Light steel frame houses in South Africa construction systems provide reliability, rapidity, functionality and value for money. Light steel frame houses construction technology offers risk free and effective solutions meeting the demands of private home owners, investors, constructors, public and private institutions. Steel guarantees reliability and rapidity.

The Benefits of Steel Frame Houses and Private Property

Multi storey buildings and complex accommodation can be designed using this flexible, cost effective and reliable construction system.

Light steel structures turn into art by Steelin. Multi storey light gauge steel buildings, Specialists You Can Rely On. Expert Building Contractor. Quality Service. Call For A Free Estimate! Building services. Construction. Industrial building. Steel construction.

Automated framing machines with karmod make steel buildings up to 3storeys
South Africa – Since 2005. steel frame houses in South Africa Manufacturer – Check Designs & Specifications Here. Fully Insulated. ISO 9001. Environmental Protection. BEE Certified.

Quick Build Modular Steel House building and Construction

Construction is a tedious and intricate process which involves a careful consideration of important factors. Choosing the size and type of the housing development comes down to available finances, environmental conditions and generally the purpose of the housing structure. steel frame houses in South Africa have become a common feature in the housing mix in South Africa. These structures are normally used for industrial purposes, warehousing and residential buildings in farming communities.

What are the benefits and advantages of steel frame houses?

Resilience to earthquakes and wind loading – Weather conditions can never be ignored in construction planning. While steel frame houses in South Africa is not prone to earthquakes, there are certain parts of the country like the Western Cape which experience strong winds. Steel frame houses have the ability to withstand such hostile climatic weather conditions.

Short construction time – Installing steel frame happens a lot quicker than brick walls. All panels are prefabricated and unlike brick walls, you don’t need to render on each side to achieve a flat surface.

Modern steel frame houses South Africa

Resistance to fire when treated – Fires can destroy a lot of construction materials but not steel. You can therefore count on a steel frame houses in South Africa to minimise the damage to your house and possessions in case of fire.

Cheaper – While the prices of steel are not the cheapest, it costs less in the end because you need less personnel to construct and it’s completed faster. You don’t need to worry about extra pairs of hands to do pre-levelling and laying of one brick on top of the other.

Environmentally friendly – Steel is recyclable and reusable on a small and large scale. It has resistance to harbouring mold, supports solar panels without difficult, loses less heat during winter and cools faster in the summer which helps to reduce electricity consumption and costs.

The above in a nutshell are what steel frame houses are all about. steel frame houses in South Africa are a good alternative in housing construction from a cost, time, durability and environmental point of view.

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