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Karmod steel buildings offers steel house buildings and housing to fit your residential needs. Learn more about our process and steps to get started today! Karmod steel house buildings systems provides high-quality custom-engineered steel house solutions for builders. Manufactured and modular housing steel buildings are earthquake-resistant, lightweight and long-lasting structures that have been used more in recent years. They are mostly preferred in homes with their features. Usage areas are very wide, from urban transformation projects to summer houses. Karmod realizes the steel frame house construction system, one of the latest products of modern construction technologies, in its production facilities equipped with the latest technology production systems. With the thousands of steel houses it produces in these production facilities every year, it makes thousands of people from all over the world home owners. Steel is the material with the highest ratio of carrying capacity to weight. Thanks to the high bearing capacity of steel, steel construction elements are produced lighter and with excellent quality.

Steel Frame Houses – Certified & Affordable

Steel house is a house structure with its low-rise and environmentally friendly structure, where you can have healthy living spaces intertwined with nature. In our age where the importance of green and environmental health is increasing and where worldwide projects are carried out for awareness, steel houses are a great advantage and one of the best choices to be made in terms of our future.

Construction time is shortened by production in the factory environment. In cases where you have to wait for months when you choose a house as reinforced concrete, you can have your home ready for use in just weeks with a steel house. Since the dimensions of the carrier elements in steel structures are much smaller than those of wood and concrete, much more area of ​​use is obtained. In this way, very spacious living spaces can be owned much more easily.

The Cost Savings of a Steel Frame Home

Investing in a steel building home from Karmod Steel Steel Frame Home is a cost-effective solution to traditional home construction. As homeowners continue to look for ways to build affordable new homes, many are turning to stel home building kits. Recent construction data shows that there’s been a 15% increase in building Steel Houses compared to traditional home construction. Together with our sector experience and values, we bring the dream house to the owners in line with the wishes of our customers. We are working to produce your dream house starting from the design, which is one of the first and most important stages in this journey that we embarked on by prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers. We design the house in the width you want, on the floor you want and with the design you want, in a very short time, we manufacture it for you and deliver it where you want it. Our light steel frame house products are the product of very long and detailed expert studies.

What is the final cost to build a steel House?

Steel houses are houses produced in a factory environment. They have many advantages thanks to their production in the factory environment and the use of steel material instead of reinforced concrete structures in traditional methods.

Since they are pre-enginereed structures, the error rate is very low in these houses. The construction site environment is a challenging environment where many obstacles can be encountered. Although a construction plan is made in advance, the construction site process, which can be affected by many different factors, can cause very different results in terms of both cost, time and construction. However, when you choose a steel house, these negative consequences are minimized.

In our steel houses, which we designed and manufactured by working meticulously at first, there is no possibility of cost other than the one determined at the order stage at first. Waste of raw materials is minimal because it is fabricated.

Another advantage of steel houses is that they are environmentally friendly. Karmod is a company approved by ministry of environment and urbanization to have an environmentally friendly production system. Steel houses are both environmentally friendly structurally and the environment is not harmed while they are produced in Karmod factories. In other words, you will have made a very good decision for your future and for our future generations while getting your dream home with steel houses.

Economic situation is one of the most important factors when buying a house. One of the biggest reasons for searching and developing alternatives to traditional structures is the cost factor. A steel house can have much more economical prices than a reinforced concrete house. You can own a house at very economical prices without sacrificing quality, durability and longevity. Take a look at Karmod steel frame house plans for the house of your dreams!

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