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Steel Houses

Building a steel house is a wonderful investment! Building with our steel framed house systems you are getting superior strength, better energy efficiency, less maintenance, a non-combustible material, and the use of a renewable green product in your house’s main frame support system.

Steel houses are among the most preferred steel house models for those who want to own a house economically and in a short time. At the same time, the houses, which can be used for many years with their quality, are very advantageous in every aspect. We have heard the name of steel houses frequently lately. Due to the many advantages they have, the preference rate of these structures is increasing day by day.

Worldwide Steel Houses – Build Your Dream House

In the modern age we live in, environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems of our world. Research and development are carried out for this problem. These researches lead to innovation in many areas. Recycling projects, sorting of wastes, various projects around the world, encouragement to use recyclable products are just some of the work done in this field. In the construction sector, the use of environmentally friendly materials that minimize the damage to the environment is also increasing. Thanks to technological developments, new materials are produced. Steel houses also stand out with their environmentally friendly features compared to reinforced concrete structures. At the same time, as Karmod, we are certified by the ministry of environment and urbanization that we produce environmentally friendly.

Steel frame Houses design – modern home construction methods

Steel houses are economical as well as environmentally friendly. We live in an age when it is very difficult to own a house in terms of costs. Loans that have to be paid for many years and high house prices that cannot be saved make it difficult to own a home. However, when you choose modular structures, it is possible to easily own a house at much lower prices. In addition to being economical, the production times of these houses are also very short.

When you choose traditional buildings, you have to wait for the construction of your home for months, but with steel houses, you can have a house in just weeks. It is important that a home is safe as well as being economical. Especially in earthquake zones, above all, a building should be safe, durable and earthquake-proof. Steel houses are the most advantageous buildings in this regard. Steel materials have a very high load carrying capacity. It provides very good resistance to earthquakes. Even if there is a shake, there will be no major destruction.

Steel frame Houses System for Net Zero Energy Ready houses

Nowadays steel houses are becoming widespread with their aesthetic design, secure structure and external different cladding options. With different cladding options such as wood, you can have aesthetic-looking houses that suit your wishes. Karmod uses certified materials with approved quality from its products. In this way, the maintenance cost of your house will be very low. For long periods of time, the paint of your home maintains its initial appearance.

Steel Structure Houses, Designs, Plans and Pictures

As Karmod, all our steel houses are designed and produced under the control of expert architects and engineers. We have a house for every budget. Our environmentally friendly, recyclable homes allow you to have a comfortable, spacious and luxurious home of your dreams at an affordable price and in just weeks. They are suitable even for 1st degree earthquake zones. When you choose one of our houses, your home is produced in exact dimensions and design with the plan of the house you choose. It can sometimes be difficult to maintain the dimensions and design in the plan in reinforced concrete structures. However, this difference is not in question in Karmod steel houses.

Our houses, which are suitable for every budget, have a suitable appearance for every wish. If you want, you can choose different decorative cladding such as wood, glass, stone coating on both interior and exterior facades. Contact us for affordable steel houses south africa and the most suitable houses for all regions of the World.

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