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Welcome to Karmod prefabricated homes sudan and Social housing Khartoum your leading factory home builder for 36 years!
Choosing a builder you can trust is the first step in going from the dream to the reality of your new home or cottage. At Karmod , we pride ourselves on closely following your budget and schedule as well as offering you personalized and professional assistance and free design services from start to finish. From your first call, to the final result of building your new prefabricated modular homes sudan Khartoum.

Prefab Houses in Sudan Khartoum and Modular Lüks villas in khartoum

Karmod’s reputation is second to none. All of our prefab homes sudan are built solid and made to last.
We give you the freedom to choose from a wide selection of distinctive and turnkey superior quality prefab home models, built well-above industry standards.
Karmod offers our customers all the services needed to help them meet their every need and expectation, from the roof to the foundation with a guarantee delivery of a high quality product and the peace of mind offered only by Karmod, a proud division of the Karmod prefab house Khartoum
And since all of our Karmod prefabricated homes Khartoum are specially built to weather all types of climates, your comfort is assured through the year and for years to come.

Quality and Low cost Prefabricated Homes in Sudan

Enjoy sustainable, quality and affordable living, with Karmod Modular Prefabricated Cement Building Technology

Modular Prefabricated Construction with Cement
Modular Prefabricated Homes Sudan with Cement
Building construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate. Constructed shelters were one means by which human beings were able to adapt themselves to a wide variety of climates and become a global species.

Concrete is often the most economical choice. The material’s ability to weather hurricanes and tornadoes and its resistance to insects are valued. Builders also select concrete for its fire resistance.

Usage of cement panels for prefabricated bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms assure a high level of quality and saves time and money in construction. Investors and engineers around the world have decided in favor of prefabricated interiors for decades. Cement panel interiors reduce work-in-connection labor on site drastically plus shorten the construction period of the entire home.

The concept of prefabricated concrete construction includes those buildings where the majority of structural components are standardized and produced in plants in a location away from the building, and then transported to the site for assembly.

As a homeowner, you want to get a low maintenance panels that will last for as long time as possible and dramatically enhance the exterior appearance of your home so cement panels may be the ideal and most economical choice for homeowners.

Affordable Portable Prefab Housing Sudan Modular Homes For Sales

These components are manufactured by industrial methods based on mass hosung sudan production in order to build a large number of buildings in a short time at low cost. The main features of this construction process are the division and specialization of the human workforce & the use of tools, machinery, and other equipment, usually automated, in the production of standard, interchangeable parts and products.

Many countries used various precast building systems during the second half of the 20th century to provide low-income prefab housing sudan for the growing urban population. They were very popular after the Second World War, especially in Eastern European countries and former Soviet Union republics.

If concrete were to be invented today, it would be hailed as a miracle. It is the most commonly used building material in the world and because of that we take it for granted. Too often this means that we overlook the nearly limitless possibilities offered by concrete components. Cement panel is the ideal solution for your next prefabricated or modular home sudan project.

Prefabricated Structure Manufacturer in Sudan

Cost Affordable Family Prefabricated Homes Sudan
It’s time to build your prefab home! Prefabricated House Khartoum for family come with one to four bedrooms, bathroom, washroom, kitchen, living room and shower room. The home can be designed according to customer’s request, such as layout, wall/roof materials, decoration materials, etc.

The house has a light steel structure with sandwich panels or other panels for the walls and roof. The wall/roof panel can be of polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool, fiber glass sandwich panels.

The Prefab steel frame houses is inside the wall, the structure is connected by bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets. The steel structure house parts and panels are light and easy to pack and transport. The prefab house can be broken-down and reassembled couple of times.

Sudan Steel prefabricated building system of main bearing using cold-formed steel and structural sheet composed of ribbed plate wall structure, the structure has good integrity, light weight structure, can resist 8 earthquake and wind speed 90 meters / second hurricane.

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