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Sustainable affordable housing

As Karmod, we keep on developing solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the most appropriate and economical way. With the principle of being always innovative, we use top quality materials and high qualified personnel and we create Sustainable Affordable Housing that best suit our customers’ needs. We offer you wide range of Sustainable Housing designs and plans for the Sustainable low income housing community buildings. These buildings can be used for villages, community centers, municipality building, sports facilities, pre-schools and management buildings. Our modular buildings are pre-manufactured in Karmod facilities, and their assembly is completed as soon as possible at the place where the installation will take place. This means time-saving, money-saving on the construction site and less interruption in the building’s installation process.

Sustainable Low Income Fast Production Housing Projects

A social Sustainable sffordable housing project is a project that includes very useful residences for low-income citizens, for the housing need after natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, for housing needs that may arise after a fire, or for refugee residences built after war. Our prefabricated community buildings that can be used in a Sustainable, Sustainable Low Income Housing in Africa are produced at international standards. All parts and components of our buildings are chosen from top quality brands and manufacturers. Our buildings are ISO 9001 : 2000 certified and TSE approved. Our community buildings, administrative buildings or all of our Sustainable Affordable Housing  offer you a permanent solution with their highly insulated and strong structures, and they are covered by a 1-year warranty against building manufacturing and assembly faults. In any case, we will solve your problem as soon as possible with our professional after-sales support teams.

Innovative Affordable Housing Designs For Sustainable Living

Our Karmod expert team work meticulously with you to make sure that the prefabricated building we produced meets your exact needs. Karmod structures offer you:

  • Alternative external cladding and colour schemes
  • Wide range of internal colours
  • flexibile spaces for multiple functions
  • Possibility to add heating and cooling systems if required
  • Easy adding of office or other functions
  • Storage spaces that suit all users of the building
  • Toilets and showers units can be added in any number and plan
  • Additional fittings, security features and amenities according to customer

Prefabricated buildings are much more useful than traditional reinforced concrete structures. They are produced in a much shorter time compared to traditional reinforced concrete structures and their installation is done in a very short time. For this reason, they are highly preferred for a Sustainable social housing project.

Could Prefab homes be the adorable, affordable and sustainable housing

As Karmod, we have been in the prefabricated building sector since 1986 with our expert staff and the latest technology production systems we have equipped with our principle of being always innovative. Our buildings have been preferred by dozens of leading companies from all over the world for more than 36 years and still continue to be preferred. When choosing a building for your Sustainable, Affordable Housing Projects in Africa, one of the most important issues is the rate of preference for company products. Karmod buildings have thousands of user references both in our country and in the world with a wide range of products from construction to health, from service sector to public spaces. For example, we delivered 130 megawatt capacity fuel oil power plant buildings in the island country of Madagascar in East Africa and we also established power plant buildings in Mali, located in the west of Africa. On the technological line, pre-produced structures in a very short time can be easily transported to every part of the world by international container transportation. Installation is completed in a short time like a few days by Karmod supervisors at the place of use.

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