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Syrian prefab houses

A Prefab house Syrian is more than just a roof over your head. It is a place where life takes place. It is a place to laugh and to cry, to play and to find peace. This is where the memories are born that stay with us for decades. And as different as people are, their dreams are different too. And we help fulfil them. Trouble-free. This is what hundreds of satisfied customers tell us each year. And we want you too to fall in love with a prefabricated house Syrian from Karmod.

Syria : Low Cost Income Social housing Application

As Karmod Prefabricated House Technologies, we put our ideas in our works. By having access to all kinds of new technologies, we innovate our products continually and constantly expand our wide array of services so we can provide the best services available in the market. Having low cost prefabricated social housing projects in Syria and all of our international works, we continually expand and provide affordable prefab housingSyria to anyone at any time. Our products are made out of latest technology and efficient prefabricated panels that gone through the carefully managed process of production.

Damascus Syria villas and  houses for sale 

This process off making our special prefabricated panels that we use in the construction of our products are to make them very durable in each and every environment they occupy. From container homes Syrian and prefab container houses Syrianrestaurant to dorm containers and portable offices, all of our products contain special features that are suited for your requirements. Karmod Prefabricated Home Technologies supports their products in their lifetime and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Experienced Turkish firm karmod builds prefabricated houses for refugees in Syria

Despite being durable in every situation, our products are also very practical, portable and cost-efficient. Their complete interior and exterior is entirely customizable. Furthermore, they can even be moved in the middle of the project. We are aware that these features, especially in large projects where temporary accommodation is required, are vital. That is why each and every service of ours are exceptionally affordable compared to our competitors in the market. Our services are made especially to serve efficiently and save you project funds rather than causing more expenses. As Karmod Prefabricated Home Technologies, we consider all measures when it comes to workplace related peace. We respect all of our surroundings and work accordingly to not to break disturb our surrounding communities and environments.

Karmod designs refugee houses where Syrian families will be proud and happy to live

According to the 2015 report of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 54% of the total world population lives in cities. The rate of increase of this mass migration, which has been going on for centuries, is also increasing. No matter how large the cities are, it is not possible for the entire population to live in cities. Although technology is advanced, natural resources are limited. Although the trend of urban-rural migration and natural life seems popular, the reality is in the opposite direction.

Even in developed countries, urban and rural areas do not have the same quality of life. According to estimates, half of the 9 billion population will live in cities in the next 20 years and this situation becomes an issue that needs to be discussed. Houses to be built in limited areas will cause problems in the consumption of resources, especially land, in cities. The most important threat in this matter is, of course, the need for housing. The expansion of cities, the construction of new housing, is very costly and requires a stable government policy.

Your Dream Home Karmod Begins – Build Your Dream Home in Syria

Its successful practices around the world highlight low-income houses as a solution for rural-urban migration. It provides easy and fast construction, so low income housing application saves governments time and labor. Residents who come to the city as a result of migration generally do not have the opportunity to buy high-budget houses. Affordable mass houses are offered for sale at low prices due to their low cost.

If we are thinking of a city, we need to take the ecosystem into account. Social housing project is environment friendly and greatly reduces the damage to the environment in its construction. It does not cause traffic and noise pollution problems, which is the biggest problem for crowded cities. The future belongs to prefabricated house technologies.

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