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Temporary site office

With more than 36 years of experience, Karmod construction site temporary office Projects offers wide variety of latest technology products. With the demand of prefabricated accommodation growing enormously, Karmod construction site temporary office Technologies answers these demands by growing therewithal.

  • Create site accommodation buildings of any size and any configuration, up to three storeys high
  • Image-enhancing, smart and consistent office and welfare buildings, branded as required with your corporate livery
  • Rapid delivery and installation, with low-level plug-in-and-go service connections
  • ‘A’ rated energy saving options that reduce costs and carbon emissions over long-term construction projects

From prefabricated construction site temporary office and workers accommodation containers to workforce accommodation mining camps, we provide the latest technology on site prefabricated buildings possible. Our products are known for their reliability, durability and their portability. With always implementing new features to our products and developing new ones, we continue to remain as one of the best in construction industry. Especially in heavy duty projects like mining operations and construction projects, Karmod construction site temporary office Technologies offers next generation solutions for accommodation and other needs. With our products, we guarantee to provide the service you need in terms of personnel accommodation. However, our services not only remain in the boundaries of heavy duty projects and operations, we also provide prefabricated site office buildings and other construction site temporary office buildings.

Temporary Modular Mobile Site Office Buildings

Construction site temporary office and accommodation has many benefits for your team. Temporary construction site accommodation and other temporary buildings protect you and your team from adverse conditions. It creates the necessary space for the storage of the equipment you need for your work. Weather conditions can create adverse situations for long-term construction projects. The seasons may change as time passes, and residences must be resistant to all seasonal conditions. Traditional buildings are usually built for a single season. It is not possible to move and modify it. It is not possible to adapt developing home technologies to them.

If you are working on a construction site, you know that making room for yourself and especially your employees is a very demanding job. At the same time, the structures you build must be part of the construction. When the project is finished, these structures must be demolished. Integrating and demolishing also requires a separate cost. In any case, you know that spending time and money on something you have to destroy is a waste. Construction site temporary office provide great convenience to companies thanks to their mobility and reusability features. The drying time of modular buildings is also less. It does not require any extra project planning and does not require permits like traditional style buildings.

Relocatable Buildings and Temporary Site Offices – Storage Container

It’s easier for your temporary site accommodation workers than building a new building. The units you buy are much cheaper than a construction. In this way, you save even your most basic needs. Construction site temporary office and accommodation units are more advantageous than traditional buildings with almost every feature. In cases where it is not possible to build a new building, tents are used for temporary shelter. Tents are not comfortable and their main problem is security. You need a safe space for managers and staff. Workers Accommodation Container provides the safe space you and your team need. It protects you against harsh weather conditions.

Benefits of a Portable Office for Temporary Sites

If you are concerned about the motivation of your employees, you need to know that they have a comfortable space during their breaks and after work. In addition, you need to provide an environment where they can meet their needs and feel at home. Workforce is the most important factor affecting job quality and is affected by multiple conditions. Construction site temporary office need to feel organized and part of the team. It is the conditions that make every member of the team feel belonging to the team. The accommodation conditions that make the staff feel comfortable and at home increase the motivation of the whole team. High motivation increases the quality of the whole work. Karmod construction site temporary office and accommodation camps contain all the elements that will increase the motivation of your staff. Work with us and let us find the solution that suits you best.

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