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Temporary workforce housing

Choose the industry leader for remote temporary workforce camps
Karmod modular temporary workforce camps buildings manufactures modular man camp buildings for oil field man camps, remote workforce housing and bunkhouses.
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Our Temporary Workforce Housing Buildings

With its modular structures, Karmod produces the most suitable solutions for the building needs of thousands of people and tens of companies from all over the world. By focusing on customer satisfaction, we stand by our customers from the order processes to the use of our structures after sales.

Temporary workforce camps are the best type of workforce camps that can be installed for working personnel in construction projects in remote areas. Since they are produced easily, structures can be installed and delivered in a very short time. The best structure for accommodations is modular structures.
Karmod manufactures everything needed in a Modular camp.

A wide variety of structures are needed in temporary workforce camps. Dining halls, dormitories, office buildings, administrative buildings, portable wc and showers, separate kitchens, recreation areas, changing rooms… And building, manufacturing and producing these buildings in the most appropriate way for a certain budget requires a vast experience. As a company that has been in the sector for 36 years, we not only produce the highest quality structures for you, but also produce the best quality structures that suit you best.

In temporary workforce camps, especially in long-running projects, the number of employees may sometimes change and there may be sudden changes. All of these changes also require a change to temporary workforce camps structures. Modular structures are the best in this regard. Since they are produced unwelded, they can be easily expanded and changes can be made in situations that require sudden changes.

Temporary Labor Camps – Agricultural Workers

Sandwich panel is a coating material produced by applying polyurethane between galvanized sheet or aluminum sheet. They can be used mostly in the facade, roof or interior partitions of the temporary workforce camp buildings. They are highly preferred due to their high insulation. At the same time, it is a material with high load carrying capacity in addition to its high insulation performance. EPS, rigid polyurethane foam, rock wool, glass wool can be used as filling material. They are protected against fire. Sandwich panels, which are both durable and insulated, can be used in all conditions for long periods in workforce housing camps, which require high insulation and durability in all seasonal conditions.

Fibercement Betopan Panel System Buildings
Fibercement is also a preferred material for interior and exterior cladding like sandwich panels. In addition to being a quality material, an aesthetic appearance can be achieved with different decorative patterned fibercement betopan materials. It is a material that is resistant to fire or flame. It is one of the reasons why it is preferred because it is an antibacterial material that prevents the production of harmful substances. At the same time, it is waterproof, resistant to hot and cold, does not swell on the surface. There is no fading on the surface due to the sun.

Fast Production, Fast Delivery, Quick Installation, Economic Price

We are a world brand in camps such as oilfield man camps, mining camps construction project camps. From sandwich panel systems, we choose the most suitable system for your fibercement betopan systems. We design the buildings by evaluating the possible situations that you may encounter by having a full command of every detail of your project. While the project is continuing, when there is a new need, we produce quickly with modular structures, deliver them quickly and install them quickly.

Karmod is the choice of leading companies around the world. We have contributed to dozens of important projects with our structures so far. Karmod was preferred in the temporary workforce camps of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, BP-Azfen Natural Gas Construction Site Mobilization and more construction sites in different projects. You can view our projects, references and product groups that we have contributed in detail on our website.

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