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Ticket Kiosks

Karmod, a leading manufacturer of portable ticket kiosks, booths and shelters. We deliver high-quality portable ticket kiosks and shelters quickly and economically – anywhere in the world! With our 36 years of industry experience, we are wherever you need building. One of the areas we are in is ticket kiosks and information booths. Information booths, which can be used for organizations operating only for a certain period of time, companies that want to advertise temporarily in different places, are very useful. A ticket kiosk is also used to sell tickets at event entrances and at various event areas.

Ticket Kiosk Manufacturer and Ticket Sales Kiosks

These structures are temporary structures. However, even if they are temporary structures, it is essential that these structures representing your company have certain features. Features such as being able to be used in all seasonal conditions, being durable, being protected against fire, being easy to carry, being produced in a short time and being easy to clean are important criteria for these structures.

Karmod portable ticket kiosks include all of these features and helps you represent your company in the best way with its aesthetic appearance. We believe that we can analyze your needs in the best way thanks to our production for dozens of different building needs in many different sectors. After deciding what you need, we instantly deliver all over the world from our products in stock. We manufacture your products in our high-capacity production systems according to the number of buildings you need and deliver them to you in a very short time.

Ticket office kiosk and Information Kiosk

In this age where we look at product and company comments even when making any product choice, we cannot decide without examining the comments of buyers, reference should be one of the most important criteria in structures that have an important place in our work and lives. It will not be surprising to find Karmod ticket kiosk anywhere in the world.

Throughout our sector life, we have collaborated with dozens of companies that are leaders in their field. One of these companies is Flixbus. Flixbus is one of Europe’s leading companies. It is a large company serving in 20 countries in passenger transportation. As a company serving at a thousand points, the company demanding a ticket kiosk in each of these places preferred Karmod. Among the other companies we have worked with are the best ones such as Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain. Make the best choice for your time, budget, company and employees by choosing Karmod, which is preferred by the best.

Racecourse Portable Ticket Kiosks and Information Kiosks

Karmod Modular Kiosks’ portable ticket kiosks are versatile modular buildings, ideal for a host of uses and functionalities. Strong, durable, practical and fully insulated, we make sure our kiosks are manufactured to the highest level of technical specification. Our portable ticket kiosks can be supplied in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes, are easy to relocate and, best of all, ready for operation as soon as they are delivered. The perfect portable ticket kiosk for any setting!
Karmod ticket kiosk’s knowledge of prefab ticket kiosk units, commitment, skill and quality of work blended together in the development and implementation of this project, all within budget and on time meeting the standards required.
Karmod ticket Kiosk proved themselves that special company in the creation of a unit which we believe passed all expectations.

Portable Ticket Kiosk and Car Park Kiosks

All cabins of Karmod are privileged compared to similar ones with every feature. All the features that a ticket kiosk should have are available in our products.

  • Each of our products is suitable for earthquake zones.
  • Our products are protected against fire. We use fireproof or low fire risk materials.
  • The materials we use in the production of our prefab ticket kiosks are approved and certified products.
  • All our ticket kiosk products, from sandwich panel cabins to polyester cabins, are highly insulated products and offer efficient use in all seasonal conditions.
  • Our products are easy to clean. They can be wiped and washed.
  • Our products offer an efficient and healthy workplace for your staff who will use them with their ergonomic designs.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly structures. When you choose our ticket kiosk products for your business areas, you minimize the damage you cause to the environment.
  • Considering the quality of our products, they have very economical prices compared to their counterparts.

Karmod is your only address for economical, environmentally friendly, ergonomic, aesthetic modular building solutions!

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