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Hiqh quality toilet containers. Get your free quote now. We look forward to receiving your enquiry. unbeatable price. leading European supplier. Protecting The Environment For Over 36 Years. Low-flush toilets. Alternative toilet Container Cabins – high quality new & used container toilet blocks. High levels of customer satisfaction- low cost toilet blocks & portable toilets, mobile & on-site. Ablution Container Toilet Blocks | Ablution Container toilet Units and Portable Toilets Ablution blocks Containers are perfect for the work site. Our ablution block portable container toilets can be built to your specifications. Steel container restrooms are available with sinks, mirrors, stalls, water heaters, AC units, extra ventilation, in addition to toilets, urinals and more. The portable bathroom industry has several options; some are more sanitary and safer than others. Container bathrooms have slip resistant flooring and Give employees and athletes a clean, air-conditioned or heated place to shower off. portable container toilet and bathrooms and locker rooms are turnkey.

Women & Men’s Room Container Sanitary and Container Toilet units

Portable solutions provide us convenience in all areas of our lives. Especially the structures used for temporary solutions are both economical and very comfortable. Sales kiosks, security cabins, showrooms, worker camps… Portable buildings can be used in any area where a building is needed temporarily. One of these structures is portable WC and shower structures. Karmod produces mobile toilet containers, sanitary containers, chemical toilet, portable container toilets, portable toilet container and bathroom containers, steel toilets, ablution blocks. We bring your purchased product to your feet with just one click without getting tired.

Our products, which are 100% leakproof, have almost no maintenance costs. You can use it for product maintenance for many years at no cost. After being used in one area, you can use it in other areas. Even if you prefer it for temporary solutions, our products are long-lasting and permanent build quality. We use automotive technology in our product paints. In this way, the color of your product is like the first day for a long time. It adapts to its environment aesthetically.

Ablution Units built from Toilet Container Block

We have been producing multi-purpose portable container toilet buildings for every sector since 1986. One of our multi-purpose products with a wide range of uses is portable toilet containers. Outdoor organizations, concerts, intercity recreational facilities, construction sites, camping areas, mining areas, astro pitches, sports facilities, temporary housing areas, refugee camps, disaster areas are among the main areas of use of these very useful buildings.

In Karmod toilet containers, electrical installation, clean and waste water installation, toilets, WC floor stones are delivered ready for use. In our portable toilet products, we use materials whose quality has been certified. All of them are materials with international standards. We are able to design and manufacture special sizes according to the request of our customers, along with our standard size products. Optionally, we can produce only toilet containers, as well as WC and shower together or only portable showers.

Best Portable Toilet Container & Bathrooms, Mobile Restrooms

Our mobile toilet containers are able to produce over ten units, starting from a single unit, and with dozens of alternative models. Thanks to our high production capacity and stocked production system, you can start using your product immediately with instant delivery without waiting. We deliver all over the world. Our toilet container products include Turkish style ground stone model, European toilet bowl model and disabled WC models equipped with international standards. We have products for every need and field with flexible optional preferences. Among our alternatives that we can make in special standards such as disabled wc, we can also produce kindergarten toilets for educational buildings, for kindergarten use. We also make special size toilet and washbasin designs for kindergarten use. Our high quality products create maximum safe living spaces with the hygienic environment they offer.

The clean and waste water system of our portable container toilets products are designed and manufactured to be easily connected to the mains. As with all of our products, approved materials are used in our clean and waste water installations. Product-specific materials such as taps and sinks were supplied from common brands and placed in our buildings. While designing our products, we also care about aesthetics. The clean water mains pipe connection outlet is aesthetically out of the product from the side of the back of the building. The waste drain pipe is also placed at the back of the structure for ease of connection. You can find container units for sale on our website. You can examine different alternatives. If you wish, you can get a price with a click. Choose Karmod, which has both human health and environmentally friendly products. Make the best choice for both your health and your future.

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