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Turnkey Camp Projects

Turnkey Prefabricated modular buildings, worker camps in remote locations. Over 36 years experience in oil & gas, minerary, military, humanitarian sectors. Custom Camps & Lodging Solutions: worker residential cities, worker / labour camps, Military camps, Mining Camp, Refugee camps, Emergency accommodation camps. Turnkey Camp Solutions. To support our vision of a high quality, high value approach to camp development and accommodation management.
Turnkey Modular prefabricated buildings offer you the most economical and useful solutions for housing in every field from education to public, construction to health. Karmod has successfully accomplished many projects to the oil & gas sector, construction sector, military sector, and social and sport sectors by providing temporary and permanent prefabricated camp solutions with its extensive product range. Main focus of Karmod is offering the best quality since it was established. Today, Karmod has proven itself in the sector with its products exported to more than 90 countries all over the world and is among the preferred companies worldwide. We completede many turnkey camp projects for so many sectors. Some of them are governments, international companies, charities, construction firms, turnkey camp projects, hospitals, schools… Karmod’s turnkey camp projects stands out with their production in a short time in mining projects, oil and gas projects, and offering durable solutions in all difficult conditions and seasons.

Turnkey Camp Projects, Custom Lodging Solutions

We offer mining and construction camps as workforce housing solutions, special for the use of energy and mining sectors where difficult working conditions are experienced, far from residential areas. Our structures, which are designed and produced considering the difficult working areas, are the most preferred because of their long life and durability. Our disassembled structures have the advantages of fast production, transportation in international transportation standards and easy installation. Oil & Gas and Mining camps structures can be projected and configured step by step in line with customer demands. As you can choose from standard plans, you can also choose Turnkey modular prefabricated buildings in different sizes according to your project.

The planning can sometimes be made considering the employment of less personnel compared to production capacity in workforce accommodations buildings at the beginning. And this can cause problems later in the project when more staff are employed. In your buildings projected with Karmod expertise, we offer you the most economical and robust modular structures for your project with our experience of more than 30 years, as well as alternative plans for your project. If you want,  extra plans can be made considering your possible personnel employment, or if you want, we can make delivery in a very short time whenever you need with our products that have the advantage of fast production and easy installation.

Turnkey Prefabricated Worksite Camps

Karmod mining and construction camps and gas field camp projects include:

  • Dining hall
  • Dorm
  • Steel interior and exterior stairs
  • Wc-Shower structures
  • Working offices
  • Security cabinets

At the same time, different structures can be built according to the project.

Turnkey Worksite camps and shelter for emergency

Containers are one of the most preferred structures in Karmod’s turnkey camp projects. Structures produced with New Generation Container technology have dozens of advantages:

  • Using sandwich panels on all roof and wall panels,
  • High heat and sound insulation with sandwich panel system,
  • Hidden intermediate carriers,
  • Easy and fast installation thanks to production with non-welded bolted and screw system
  • On-site installation advantage,
  • Long-lasting oven paint system used in the automotive industry for the painted parts, low maintenance cost and odor-free system
  • The use of stainless galvanized steel in all parts.
  • A1 class fireproof material

    Turnkey Camp Construction and Modular Building Companies

    Choose karmod structures for your projects in every sector at your mining and construction camps, gas field camp and all workforce accommodations camps. Complete your project by focusing only on your work, thanks to the useful structures that increase work efficiency, do not require large maintenance costs, and offer use in all conditions. You can view our projects we have completed in dozens of countries around the world, on many continents, on our website. For detailed information, you can contact us at any time from our phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

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