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Versatile Foldable Building

Ideal For Any Application.
Rugged, lightweight, versatile and energy-efficient, Karmod portable Foldable buildings are easy and quick to assemble. They are available for a wide range of applications, featuring numerous configurations and amenity combinations.
Unfold your home anywhere. Prefabricated folding houses built to last. Sustainable tiny cabins for hospitality and events. Easy to move. Ready to use. Safe Trading Mobile Folding House on Karmod. Get Factory Price on Foldable Container House. Karmod Prefab Mobile folding houses, Inc., a Turkey-based prefab design and manufacturing company, features unique new products that are a combination of modular and panelized. Because of the Flat-Pak collapsible design features, these buildings are useful for applications far beyond low cost or temporary housing.

The World’s Most Versatile Foldable Building Solutions

Karmod, the world’s most versatile foldable house building manufacturer, Karmod produces the most durable, adaptable, fast building solutions for more than 20 countries around the world. We deliver our products to the region you want by air, sea and land, install them and deliver them ready to use. Karmod products, which are produced as disassembled and pre-produced, are installed by expert teams in the region where they are delivered. Karmod after-sales teams are at your service for any problems you encounter during use. From temporary to permanent folding modular building, with dozens of different products, Karmod offers the best solution for your every need.

Flat Pack Foldable Office Container and Foldable Buildings

Disassembled production system is one of the most economical and fastest production methods. The transportation and shipment of the products produced in this way is much easier and much less costly than the products produced with traditional production methods. In this way, it can be sold to buyers at lower costs. Versatile Foldable Buildings products, one of the Karmod products, appear as multi-purpose and economical structures.

Folded building structures in modern architecture

Our Versatile Foldable Buildings are quickly built structures. The products that we produce with our latest technology systems are the best for your urgent needs.

These Foldable Houses Cost $20k and Go Up in five Day

One of the most important features of modular structures is that they can be easily expanded. When you want to expand your business area and the number of Versatile Foldable Buildings you prefer with the need for accommodation, we can expand your buildings or realize their production in a very short time.

Purchase Versatile And Robust Foldable Houses

Our sandwich paneled, grp system products have high insulation. They are useful in all seasons and save energy and reduce your costs. In addition, thanks to the special paint system we use, they do not require new paint for a very long time. They are resistant to all weather conditions.

How much do folding homes cost? Where can you get them?

When designing our structures that we produce for your every need, we care about not only being useful, but also having an aesthetic design. We offer different decorative coatings and different color options for each of the buildings you choose.

Karmod produces foldable houses that reduce costs and rise rapidly

Our flat pack office container products are preferred with their wide usage area. They can be used as small sales kiosks such as magazines and newspapers, as security booths, as police checkpoints, as fast food kiosks, as showrooms, as portable foldable building shelter, in dozens of different areas. Along with our standard sizes, we can manufacture in any sizing you want.

In our life where technology touches every aspect of our life, fiberglass products, which provide much easier than other production methods in every sense, bring stylish designs to the areas where they are used with high strength against sun and external factors and low production costs, we produce exactly the product you want with wide range of products and unlimited modeling technique.

Tiny Houses You Can Buy on Karmod – Stable and Strong & Durable

  • Structural design flexibility
  • Expandable, lightweight components
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Interior/exterior customization options
  • Extremely durable design
  • Easily relocated to meet changing needs

Some of the application areas of versatile foldable buildings are as follows: first and emergency response points, emergency shelters, living areas (such as home, workplace …), kitchen rooms in worker camps, toilet-WC solutions and wherever you want! Your dream working area, worker camp structures, warehouse structures, sales office are just a click away. Visit the Karmod website and get the best quality building solution and the most economical prices as soon as possible. Run your business smoothly with Karmod Versatile Foldable Buildings  products. Increase your profit and, lower costs.

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