Prefabrication construction materials details – Advantages and disadvantages of prefabrication

What is prefabricated construction?

What is prefabricated construction is a term we’ve heard a lot in recent years. At the same time, we come across these structures more and more in recent years. For example, in most of the buildings built for urgent hospital needs during the pandemic process, mostly What is prefabricated structures were used worldwide. what is Prefabricated buildings are also used in construction sites and accommodation units of large construction projects.

In rural areas, we can see these structures as schools, markets, or mukhtars. These structures are mostly preferred for the urgent need for housing after unwanted situations such as war or natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. That What is prefabricated construction (especially houses) were first preferred for structures to be built after the earthquake. At the same time, we can see these structures in luxury uses. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is possible to build very luxurious houses with prefabricated systems. Karmod is a company that designs and manufactures houses suitable for every budget, every need and every wish, from small houses to large houses, from single-storey houses to duplex houses, and installs all over the world.

Karmod has been in the modular building sector for 36 years and makes hundreds of people home owners every year. The company, which has a wide range of products, has a product for every aspect of our lives. Thanks to its wide product range, being one of the firsts of the sector in its country and being in the sector for many years, it makes a difference with its quality in every structure it produces. It is among the leaders of the sector with every structure from What is prefabricated construction to health, from daily living to business areas and has strong references.

Everything You Need to Know About prefabricated construction

What is prefabricated construction is a term used to describe pre-manufactured or pre-engineered building that is produced with special technology in short time inside factory environment. In these structures, each part of the designed structure is produced separately in the factory. The assembly process is carried out at the installation site. This has many advantages.

The first advantage is ease of transportation. Houses that are moved in pieces are much easier to transport and much less costly. This ensures that the prices of the buildings are much more affordable than normal. Another convenience it provides is time advantage. Because the construction of What is prefabricated construction is not affected by weather conditions. Individually produced parts can be combined in all weather conditions. This saves you a lot of time. Thanks to these structures, it is not surprising that you can have your dream home in just weeks.

Construction Tech Trends: Prefabricated Construction

Surprise costs and going out of time are very common in the construction industry. Because certain malfunctions may occur during construction and as a result, extra costs may arise. But you will not encounter such surprises in prefabricated construction. There are no surprises other than the cost determined at the beginning of the project. Production in a factory environment has dozens of advantages. It is possible to build with much lower costs thanks to the advantages such as less labor requirement compared to the construction site and not being affected by weather conditions.

These advantages are most beneficial for people who want to own a house but cannot be due to economic reasons. It is getting harder and harder to own a house because of the increasing property prices every year. These alternatives developed as a result of this difficulty are more advantageous not only in terms of cost but also in many aspects. They do not cause environmental pollution during both their production and installation. While the houses built in the construction site environment cause both visual and sound pollution for a long time, the prefabricated construction produced with this system do not cause them either.

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