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Workers Camps

Karmod Modular Worker camp Housing and Man accommodation camp technologies aim to create a permanent value by meeting the expectations of its customers. Also, we design our sites and camps by planning all kinds of details. Karmod Prefab modular worker camp Technologies produce effective solutions by combining our creative designs with the needs of our customers. We believe every customer is unique and special. In this direction, we spend a lot of time planning. With our professional team, we work together in the  solution process by examining the needs of our customers in detail.

Prefab Workers Camp Building Solutions

Each labor worker camp has their specific needs. The natural conditions it is in can change the structure of the camp. Rows of containers workers camps in a specific location can be called camps, but it is one of our main goals to produce Labor Accommodation Camps facilities where workers camps can feel like fully functional communities. We consider all the necessary details so that the staff feel at home and not in a labor worker camps. Staff motivation and willingness to work are important for productivity. Each camp we have designed has been produced in such a way that the staff can rest easily after a long working tempo and feel like it is their own home. We consider all the details from planning to the construction process. Thanks to the details we have planned, we try to give a natural living space feel, although the installation seems fast and simple. We want you to know that you are with you in all processes with our expert staff.

Increase Your Efficiency with Karmod Worksite Camps

Karmod workers camps are made for the exact needs of your employees. Especially in big projects like mining operations, process of the operation relies heavily on workforce’s happiness. That is why we design such camps that guaranteed to satisfy your employees. Our modular worksite camps can come with Toilet containersguard shacks, and on site container restaurants depending on what you wish. When starting out a project or an operation, start up costs can be a lot of trouble. With our camps, which are very cost-effective, you can avoid start up and other costs as we provide the most quality and practical prefabricated workers camps with very little cost compared to other traditional constructions. By being very practical and portable, our prefab workers camps can be extended, customized or even moved quite easily. Because they occupy little space and very portable, they cause minimal disturbance around them. Our modular workers camps can also save you from expenses that can occur in the middle of your project in the form of Labor Accommodation Camps as we provide support in the lifetime of our products.

Worker / Labor Accommodation Camp

We are aware that for a worker to feel at home is important for the workers camps project to be run healthily. That is why we contain everything a person can need to feel at home in our modular workers camps. We also offer other services for you to provide guaranteed employee happiness for your project to run as smoothly as possible. As Karmod prefab workers camp technologies, we constantly develop and we are in search for new and innovative ways to serve and put out more latest technology products. To do this, our research and development team is always search new technologies and find ways to implement them in our products, this way, we guarantee that from fabrication of our products to actual finished products, we offer only latest technology services.  We are aware of the importance of your operation and we offer products that will help you both in financial and comfort-wise. We continue to operate globally. Dubai and Qatar living labor and Modular workers camps installation is just few of the examples that we are gradually expanding globally in every sector in this industry. Having more than 36 years of experience in this industry, we love what we do. That is why we aim to be the best.

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